What do I want for Christmas? You must be scratching your heads thinking this. Why else would you be here reading this article? And you are right to do the said head-scratching. It’s a difficult question to answer. It is easier to get things for others at Christmas. If you can’t find anything, a gift card is always an option. Imagine how silly it would be to get a gift card for yourself.

Instead of just throwing out random stuff your way, this article dives into things you would want for Christmas. These are things you won’t regret buying. On the contrary, these are things you’d be glad to have on your person. But, what specific thing to get? To answer that, we have categorized the items according to their appeal. To answer what do I want for Christmas this year, we’d have to ask you, as Tom Elliot does in hit series Lucifer, “What it is it that you truly desire?”

Desire Tech

If you enjoy gadgets, this category is for you. This category includes gadgets which are as much fun as they are useful. These are the latest advancements in technology which can change your life or at least part of your life for better.

Desire Glamour

If you wish to glam up your life. This category needs your attention. The category includes items which glam up your. They help you flaunt your style and express your personality. They make you look better so you feel better.

Desire Entertainment

Everyone needs entertainment. This category includes items which bring some amusement in your life. The entertainment should not be limited to the holidays, with items in this category you can have long term changes in the way you entertain yourself.

Desire Comfort & Convenience

This category is all about relaxing. The items in this category will make your life comfortable or convenient or both. It includes things that wash your tension away. These things will help you make little things in life easy and bring little happiness in the form of comfort.

Desire Personal Growth

This category focus on items which help you grow as a person. It can be your skills, personality, knowledge, spirituality and so on. Holidays give you time to spare, why not use it to be a better version of yourself.

Desire Fun & Leisure

Coming back to lighter notes, this category includes items which are just plain fun to have around. These things are not bought for value, but for the sheer fun for using them. These items will make you want to engage yourself in enjoyable activities.

Desire Health & Wellness

Finally, this article includes things which help you live healthier. The items in this category focus on health, fitness and wellness. People want a lot of things, but health is something everyone needs. The items in this category answer our desire to live a better life.

You can jump to the category of your choice or scan through the article to answer your inner turmoil of What do I want for Christmas?

Desire Tech

Mobile Phone

You need a phone and you need a good one at that. Our smartphones have become an extended part of our existence. Each year, smartphones undergo evolution with better performance, better quality, more features and even a few side perks. If you haven’t upgraded your phone in some time, Christmas can be the right time for that. As the new year approaches bringing new possibilities, so should a new phone. Especially if your screen is cracked or your phone lags, you know the answer to what do I want for Christmas this year. In fact, you do not even need to ask that question. All you have to ask is: apple or android?

Echo Devices

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone answer to your commands as Alfred does for Batman? You might not be able to get an English butler for Christmas this year, but you can get a digital version of a personal assistant for your home. It’s called Amazon Echo. Alexa will change your life, for real. It can play music, find news articles, set alarms, tell weather conditions and more. You can gradually build up an environment with Echo supporting devices and you will be able to control your entire home with just voice commands. You say and it will be done. Like a wizard. Wouldn’t that be a neat trick for Christmas?

Screen-casting Device

If you already have a TV that you are happy with and only need to add smart features, then Google’s Chrome Cast will do the trick. This device allows you to cast anything you are doing on your mobile or laptop to your TV screen. Say you want to watch a movie on the large screen of your TV, all you have to do is connect your mobile / laptop to Chrome Cast & you can enjoy whole entertainment on your TV. It is great for family time as you can’t all huddle around a small laptop or mobile screen. This will help you convert your usual TV into a smart TV without spending big bucks.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV stick is a little more expensive than Chrome Cast, but it also does so much more. Instead of just projecting your mobile or laptop screen on TV, this device actually converts your TV into a smart TV. Plus you can get all the features of Smart TV which you can’t get with Chrome Cast including apps, gaming, OTT streaming and most importantly, Alexa voice command. The home assistant operating on voice command is a delight to have in your home. You just have to command your Amazon Fire TV stick and it will oblige.

AI Pet

While a pet is great, they do require maintenance. Enter Artificial Intelligence combined with robotics. These quirky creations are wonderful companions and fun to be around. They have been trained to explore your house, keep up with your lifestyle and play games. Two of the most popular items in this category are Cozmo and Vector developed by Digital Dream Labs. You can also get AI puppy from amazon. This would make you feel quite futuristic this Christmas.

Smart Door Bell

A smart doorbell will help you keep your house secured. These bells come equipped with an inbuilt wide-angle camera which records. It gives you an alert whenever somebody arrives at your door. The visitor doesn’t even have to ring the bell, the doorbell comes with motion sensors and recording memory. You will feel safe with smart doorbell guarding your gates.


Sooner or later, almost everyone either needs or desires a laptop in their life. If you already have a laptop but are looking for an upgrade, Christmas is a great time to shop for one. There are so many offers and discounts on electronics around the festive season that you are bound to get a good deal on the laptop of your choice. You may even aim a little higher than the budget and get a laptop which is great for work as well as entertainment.


A Drone is really fun to have by your side, especially if you are interested in outdoor activities and making videos. If you can spend a little extra, you can get drones with a follow feature. If you are venturing into film making or are interested in a similar line of work then a drone would be a great addition to your cinematographic arsenal. Once again you can get great discounts or deals around Christmas on this one.

Power Bank

If you play a lot of games, listen to music, watch a lot of videos or if you have a very hectic lifestyle, you would be running out of battery on your phone almost constantly. Enter power banks. You won’t need to worry about running out of battery with a trusted power bank by your side. Most power banks have enough juice to power your phone multiple times. You can work all day & party all night without having to carry your phone charger around. Power banks also look sleeker than phone chargers.

Car Charger

On the flip side, if you have a job that involves a lot of travel in the car, you can get a car charger to keep your mobile and other electronics alive and kicking for you to use when needed. Make sure you get a car charger with power north of 30W otherwise you might not see much results from it. A car charger will make things easier for you only if you spend a lot of time in the car, otherwise, it will be just sitting there waiting for an emergency.

Tracking Device

If you are someone who frequently forgets where they put things or is infamous for losing stuff then you definitely need a tracking device. This little keychain like attachments helps you locate exactly where you put your mobile, car keys, diary, or anything you attach them to. It is also great for pet owners, especially pets who are a flight risk. This device will make finding things much easier. You can even cheat when playing hide and go seek if you manage to slip a tracking device on your friend. You will feel like Batman or James Bond with a tracking device on your person.

3D Printer

A 3D printer is a small-sized manufacturing unit. Anything that you can think of and design in a computer can be created by this machine. This is a gift to make other gifts. Say you are thinking what do I want for Christmas this year and something weird pops in your head. Well, if you have a 3D printer you can just go ahead & make it. This is an especially precious gift for innovators and entrepreneurs. You can even rent time on your 3D printer and get a passive income going. That will give you a bigger budget for things to buy next Christmas. You might not even have to bother getting gifts for friends and family. Just design & print them with your 3D printer. Wouldn’t that be a merry surprise?

True Wireless Earbuds

Ever since Apple launched the AirPods, True Wireless Earbuds are all the rage in the tech world. You no longer have to have an iPhone to enjoy the sleek wireless earplugs, there are numerous stylish and funky options available for android as well. Even apples’ AirPods are now compatible with android phones. These are truly life-changing gadgets. Having these earbuds with you change the way you listen to music and the way you take calls. They cut out the sound disturbance easily so you can get amazing clarity. The use is not limited to phones either, you can connect these with any device with a Bluetooth like your laptop or smart TV. If you want tech and style combined this Christmas, then earbuds are the way to go.

Cloud Storage

Every once in a while you would come to a point in data storage where you have to delete something you like to make space for more things. Haven’t you found yourself wondering how and when you lost vacation photos from 4 years ago? To preserve all your memories from your phone, your laptop or your camera; you need cloud storage. You can pick from your phone’s inbuilt cloud storage options like google drive and apple cloud. These would automatically save all your precious photos, videos and music directly from your phone. You can also pick other cloud storage like Dropbox or OneDrive. You would never have to worry about losing picture, but more importantly memories. You can look back through pictures on your cloud 3 Christmas later and be glad you got Cloud Storage subscription this Christmas.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is just a physical version of cloud storage, but you have to transfer your data manually to it. It is quite safer than cloud storage and is accessible without requiring any internet connection whatsoever. As you accumulate more and more images, videos, movies, and music; you will need an external hard drive to store them all. These external hard drives can be albums by themselves for you to store all the things you like and would want to see or hear again later. Many people use external hard drives as film or music collections. You can do the same if you get an external hard drive this Christmas.

Portable Photo Printer

If you like having your photographs in physical form to be decorated in albums or on walls then this would be something you would enjoy a Portable Photo Printer. There is a smart portable photo printer which can connect to your mobile and instantly print any picture you select from your phone. You can make your holidays memorable.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Wouldn’t it be nice if something cleaned your house by itself? That’s exactly what a robot vacuum cleaner does, clean the house without any instructions or interference. The advanced robot cleaners are programmed to explore the area by themselves and clean every space they can find. With Christmas cleaning around the corner, this little guy can prove to be helpful. It is great for people with a busy lifestyle. The robot will take care of removing the dirt and you can come home to a clean house.

Desire Glamour


Christmas is a cold time to go out and most people do intend to go out of the town for the holidays. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a good jacket to keep you warm during winters and then onwards? Ask yourself keeping the cold weather in mind what do I want for Christmas? Your body will yell out a good jacket as you shiver in cold. Besides its functionality, jackets are a great fashion statement. Find yourself a good looking jacket to keep you warm inside and looking hot outside. Wouldn’t that be a Christmas treat?


Empty wrists are boring. Even when time is displayed on almost every electronic device you have on you, a watch is still a necessary article in your fashion arsenal. A watch is as much a description of your personality as your clothes. Majority of successful people insist on wearing watches and as it has a significant effect on your lifestyle. Having a watch on your hand means time is constantly on your hand. It is also a philosophical statement, isn’t it? Time is on your hands. People who wear wristwatches are usually more punctual and manage time better. If that’s what you want for Christmas this year than get a watch without fail.


Shoes are so much more than mere footwear. They define your fashion, they elevate your comfort and they make an impression. What shoes you choose will determine all three for you and about you. It is one of the top things on most people’s mind when making what I want for Christmas? list. Plus there are special shoes for all kinds of people. There are oxfords for professionals & entrepreneurs. There are sneakers for casual wear. There are boots for outdoor explorers. There is such a great variety of shoes that you might not be able to try them all in an entire lifetime. But, you need not worry about the variety. Just pick the ones you like and the ones that fit. That’s it.


Women love jewellery. What better thing to get this Christmas than something you know you love. Although jewellery isn’t limited to women alone, many men do love to flaunt some bling themselves. There are your usual options of gold, diamonds, silver and platinum for jewellery. You can also go for creative handicraft jewellery or get jewellery made from gemstones and crystals. It is a world abundant with choices. Whatever you wish to wear, there will be someone who makes it. Seek and you shall find the perfect bling to shine this Christmas.


This one is for the ladies. Accessories add glamour to your overall personality. They can make sprinkle fresh perspective to your look. Almost every dress, pants, and tops can be enhanced with accessories. This is something you would want to shop in person for rather than order online. It would feel so amazing to treat yourself with bags, bangles, bracelets, rings and more.


Every man, woman and even children need a good suit. A good suit is a statement of success, sincerity, class and many things more. The best suit would be tailored for you. Pick the material you like and get to a tailor who has a good reputation. The second best option is to get a good readymade suit. You want to look classy this Christmas and beyond, Suit up!


As suit defines elegance for men, dresses do the same for women. There are your regular clothes and then there are dresses for special occasions. These are the dresses that make you feel special. It’s Christmas, it’s a special time, why not get something that makes you feel special as well.


A blazer accentuates your style. This is true for both men & women. Blazers come in all styles and for all purposes. You have your formal blazers, semi-casual, casual and party blazers. You can wear blazers walking in a meeting, you can wear a blazer when hopping clubs, you can wear blazers by the beach and you can wear blazers to picnic. If you are looking for all-round style this Christmas, you should get a Blazer.


Your scent has to match your fashion. It is yet another sign of class. You would usually buy perfumes and deodorants regularly. But, if you are thinking about what do I want for Christmas, you have to think special. Pick a perfume that accentuates your style and your personality. A good perfume will tell others what vibe you are trying to project. It’s good to smell great on Christmas.


Sunglasses are a style statement within themselves. While they are designed to protect your eyes from the harsh sun, people hardly pick sunglasses for their utility. It’s a matter of style and style alone. You can even get shades with inbuilt headphones. Now that’s a nifty bit of technology. Almost spy-like. People around you would have no idea that the sunglasses are playing music to your ears. If what you want for Christmas is something unique to show off, here’s your answer.


Hats are fun. But, you need the right hat. Otherwise, you would end up looking whacky. If you are not sure what kind of headgear you can pull off, get a regular baseball hat. You can also never go wrong with a good bowler hat or a fedora. You won’t be wearing them every day to your work, but when you do put a hat on, you would look a little different. If you get a hat that suits you well, you can add a lot of class to your attire. There was a time when people used to greet other people merry Christmas by tipping their hats or lifting their hats. Well, hats are making a comeback in fashion. If not anything else, you can make your greetings memorable with the tip of a hat.

Makeup Kit

A makeup kit is quite precious to many women. They adore their brands and the sheer variety of stuff they have. Well, you can add more variety to your makeup kit or you can get a makeup organizing unit to help you manage all your different items. Most makeup organizing kits come in a desk-sized box with different compartments for different makeup items. They have separate space for beauty products, jewellery, and accessories as well. You have the choice this Christmas to either add or organize what you already have. Either way, it will be an interesting addition to your life.

Grooming Kit

Grooming is one of the most essential and boring aspects for most men. It takes up a lot of your time and it is a tedious process. If your answer to what do I want for Christmas is to make this process simple and easy, get yourself a good grooming kit. This can come in form of an all-purpose grooming machine or a set of razors and a trimmer with adjustable attachments. This kit will help you get through the grooming route quick and easy. At the same time giving a better finish than run of the mill blades.


Handbags are not just for women. While men don’t need a handbag while going out generally, they do need one for work. A handbag should be like a loyal assistant. They should be able to carry your stuff, get things when you need them and they should look good by your side. If you can find all these qualities in a handbag, just buy it.

Desire Entertainment

Magazine Subscription

Now this one is a matter of personal choice. There is a magazine for almost every category. Whether you a scientist or an artist there are magazines focused on your special subject. You can get a subscription for physical magazines or even digital ones. If not for your interest, you can get magazine subscription concerned with your field of work. Reading and staying updated with the latest happenings can help enhance your lifestyle and scope of knowledge. This may lead to bigger and better changes. Don’t commit to it, maybe give it a try for now.


Kindle is a revolution for readers. If you like books, you will love to have Kindle this Christmas. Having a Kindle device as a gift is like being presented an entire library. Because that’s what the device is in the digital realm. This will be yet another lifestyle revolution for you. The device is unlike any other digital screen. The users in amazon reviews say that it’s the closest a digital screen can come to the feel of a book. If you are an avid reader, kindle will truly make your life more convenient.

OTP Subscription

If your answer to what do I want for Christmas is entertainment, then boy do we have an idea for you. Get a subscription to either one of the OTT platforms. The most popular one is Netflix of course, but you have numerous options to choose from. Almost every major media organization has come up with its own OTT platform. Disney has got Hotstar and Discovery has got Discovery plus. Amazon’s Prime Video is also coming out with great originals and has a wide catalogue of content just like the other ones. This choice boils down to what kind of entertainment you are looking for. OTT platforms are a revolution in entertainment and you would want to get in on the game. If you can’t make up your mind, just Netflix and chill. It’s not like you can’t cancel your subscription and get another one. You can band together with a group of friends and let each one get a subscription to one platform and share the entertainment. It’s Christmas after all.

Music App Subscription

Just like OTT platforms, music is yet another major part of our lives. Whether you are dancing at home, throwing a party, jogging or driving; you do love grooving to the tunes of music don’t you. With music apps like Spotify, amazon music, and apple music; you can get access to an almost unimaginable variety of music, artists, songs, tracks, playlists and more. You won’t have to buy individual albums or songs. Just get subscribed to one Music App this Christmas and have the app play merry rhymes to you on a festive day and onwards.

4K Smart TV

A 4K quality smart TV is yet another leap in entertainment which you can make this Christmas, given that you are ready to spend big bucks. Many smart TV comes with an annual subscription of one or more OTT platforms as well. Additionally, you get internet functionality on your TV. You will be able to surf the website, watch Youtube videos and more. Smart TVs can also function as gaming consoles, though the choices of games will be limited. If you are looking for a delight for the entire family this Christmas, the 4K Smart TV is a smart choice.

VR Headset

Virtual reality is the epitome of entertainment. Instead of watching something or someplace, you are transported. It is a digital leap in space-time. If you are looking to get entertainment experience this Christmas and onwards, it doesn’t get any better than VR. You can get an Oculus headset with inbuilt VR functionality. Alternatively, you can get one with smartphone connectivity. You get an entire catalogue of virtual reality entertainment including games, movies, music videos, experiences and so on. There are always special programs launched on VR during Christmas. It would be a perfect time to get on the virtual reality train. This again will be a life-changing answer to the question of what do I want for Christmas this year.

Portable Speaker

There are no surprises here, a portable speaker is all that the name suggests. This is an incredible gift for yourself if you are an outgoing person. Take it poolside and you have a poolside party, take it to a house and you have a house party, take it on a drive and you have a car party. You don’t need to get an entire stereo system, all you need is your phone and one of these portable speakers and music will follow where you go.

Gaming Console

You might have already heard the arguments for and against both PlayStation and Xbox. Though one argument which connects the entire community arguing over Xbox and PlayStation is that console gaming is loads of fun. If you answer to what do I want for Christmas? Is fun, then get a gaming console. There are but a few things as incredible as these miraculous devices. You also get benefits of smart TV with these consoles as they come with a variety of applications besides gaming. Alongside pick a game of your choice and begin the adventure. A gaming console would be a great addition to your leisure and fun time. After spending all day working you can just mash those buttons to an entertaining evening.

Desire Comfort & Convenience

Travel Pillow

This one is for the frequent flyers or those who travel by bus or cars a lot and over long distances. There are a variety of travel pillows available in the market as well as on amazon. No matter which pillow you choose to buy this Christmas, just make sure that it provides enough neck support and lower head cushioning. If you are asking yourself what do I want for Christmas? While travelling with a sore, the answer is quite obvious, isn’t it?

Bean Bag

Bean bag is the next level of comfort. You may have sat on the bed, on a sofa, and chairs; but nothing comes close to comfort and relief as a bean bag. If you don’t have one, get one. If you have one, you can always get a bigger one. One thing can be said with absolute certainty that once you have a bean bag in your house, it will be your favourite place to sit and even sleep. You can even get themed bean bags and sets of colourful bean bags for multiple people in your house. It can be the place where you sit and enjoy Christmas, a comfortable Christmas.


There are different types of massagers for different body parts. There are also a few multifunctional ones. You have to decide which one would help you relax at the end of the day. There are specific foot massagers and back massagers, which are the most common types. You can also get massage blankets and jackets which are multifunctional. If you undergo stress or headaches quite frequently, you can get ahead or scalp massager. It will help you kick back and relax during the holiday season and beyond. Every time you are having a stressful day you can just use the massager to relieve your tension.

Massage Chair

A massage chair offers the same benefits as a massager, only difference is that it serves the entire body at once. You can also get massage chairs which serve as entertainment unit by themselves. A massage chair is designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. You will find yourself falling in this chair at the end of every day while enjoying entertainment on your television. The massage chair has such a relaxing effect that they become a part of your routine and lifestyle. A memorable gift to get on Christmas this year.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

These lamps are said to radiate positive vibes. They have recently gained popularity in American households and office spaces. They are also believed to help purify the air and help induce calmness. Plus they look beautiful set by your bed. The lamp casts smooth yellow light which itself looks soothing. They don’t cost much either, so you should consider these if you are looking to put a lamp in your house.

Indoor Garden

Plants are a great addition to any household. They bring freshness to the environment and are aesthetically pleasing. You can either go for small plants to put by the window if you don’t have much space in your apartment or get one of those fancy enclosed ecosystems. You can also choose specific herb plants which can be used in your daily use. Many spices and herb grow in small sizes and require only a little effort to maintain. These would be a perfect fit for your house this Christmas.


What do I want for Christmas? Just take a glance around your house. If there is any piece of furniture that needs an upgrade, that’s what you need to get. Also, look for pieces of furniture that should be in your house but is missing or something that would be a good fit for your home. Furniture is something that we use daily. Tables, chairs and couches come in many forms. Just this once, try to find something offbeat and creative. Furniture is one product category with a variety of offers and discounts around the holiday season. Why not take advantage of this and make the home a little different and a little better.

Cozy Slippers

Imagine this, It’s been a tiring day. Your feet have endured all kinds of atrocities, the hard floor, rough roads, tight shoes and whatnot. Wouldn’t you want your feet to feel cozy and comfy once you get home? Wouldn’t it be an incredible feeling to feel the smooth and fluffy texture of cozy slippers relaxing every nerve in your feet? If you agree with the statements above, then you should get some cozy slippers to walk around the house this Christmas. These slippers come in a variety of themes, most of them centred around cuteness. No matter the shape outside, the inside is what makes your feet feel awwwww.

Sleep Aid Device

This one is only valid for you if you have difficulty sleeping, which is becoming an increasingly common problem among adults in America. This doesn’t mean you have insomnia. Sleep difficulty means that you are not getting enough rest and refreshment from your sleep. If such is the case with you and if better sleep is what you want for Christmas, then a sleep aid device would make a huge difference in your life. These devices emirate calming music and aroma which help induce sleepiness. You would love the freshness and energy after a good night sleep. 

Temperature Control Mug

The idea behind this mug is simple, it keeps warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold. We hate cold soups as much as we hate warm juice. Certain beverages are meant to be at a certain temperature. This mug ensures that you get your drinks at your desired temperature. It’s a small part of your life, but it does make a difference in your mood, specifically preventing bad mood arising from unwanted beverage temperature. Temperature Control Mug would especially come in handy when enjoying Christmas beverages like eggnog.

Air Fryer

The air fryer is a wonderful innovation in cooking technology. If you are weight conscious, calories conscious or health-conscious person, this appliance would open up a lot more variety of food and dishes for you. Air Fryer is used to bake, grill, fry and roast all kinds of stuff. The special part comes with frying as this device uses minimum oil to get you that crisp texture that usually comes from deep fry. This one appliance is especially useful for people who opt for minimum kitchen appliances. Air Fryer can do the job of several appliances while taking up less than half the space. It is a good gift to yourself and all those who eat with you.

Home Appliances

If you are thinking what do I want for Christmas this year, just take a look around your house and see what you need. Try to remember things you wish you had to make your life easier or more convenient. Think of your morning routine, wouldn’t a coffee maker, toaster, or a juice maker make life easier. Try to remember what things would add value to your dinner? A Blender, a cooker, oven, or microwave. You can even seek for refrigerator, heater, air purifier, dishwasher, or washing machine. Just think of things you need in your house and get them at great deals this Christmas.

Desire Personal Growth


The holiday season gives you a lot of time on hand. You can take this time to learn a musical instrument. We have suggested guitar because it is the most common and popular among musical instruments people begin with. If you already have an acoustic guitar and know how to play it well, you can upgrade to an electric guitar. Studies have shown that people who engage in musical hobbies tend to be less stressed and more creative in their approach towards everything in life. Maybe Christmas is time to add some rhythm to your life.

Educational Course

Learning something has never been as easy and accessible as it is now. All you need to do is enrol at with a course online and see it to completion. And Voila! You have a new skill complete with a certificate to prove it. There are dedicated educational websites like Udemy and Lynda. But, you can also go for free courses available on Youtube. Even if you are planning on developing a hobby during the holiday season, you will find guidance and tutorials on Youtube. Many people over the world say that the best investment you can make is in yourself. So why not be better on the other side of Christmas than you were before with new or improved skills and knowledge. A new year can begin with a new you.

DIY Tools

If you are no longer a teenager, you need your toolkit. If you are living in a house or using a vehicle, there will come a time when you would have to get your hands dirty to repair something. Having a tool kit will make things much easier. Having the ability to repair your stuff is empowering in its own way. It is a step towards independence. This is true whether you are a guy or a girl. If not this Christmas, consider buying your own tool kit and learning to use it as soon as possible. You’re gonna need it.

Paint & Canvas

Painting is one of the most popular hobbies after music. You don’t need to go all out and buy the most expensive stuff. Just get enough to get you started. Then you can follow tutorials on Youtube or follow a blog which can guide your hobby. Painting is a wonderful expression of your inner self and if done right can be cathartic. Such creative endeavours great enhance your personality. Many people find it to be almost meditative. If that’s what you want for Christmas then go get some paint and canvas.


Books are so many things to so many people that it is quite difficult to describe them briefly. Books are knowledge to people who read to learn, books are emotions to those who read fiction, and books are motivation to those who read self-help books. No matter what type of person you are or what your interests are; there will be a book for you. All you have to do is begin and books can take you on an unprecedented journey. If you are looking for personal growth, books are the best things to get.

Spiritual Experience

A spiritual experience is something that helps you get in touch with yourself. The most well known among these is meditation. But it is not the only one. Some people experience spirituality through martial arts, dance, music, lectures, stories and so on. You should choose which one you want to experience. Maybe the first one flops. But you will know something about yourself that you didn’t before the experience. If you find the right experience, it can be a leap in personal and emotional growth. That is something worth spending time and money for this Christmas.

Desire Fun & Leisure


Who doesn’t like chocolates? They are almost synonymous with happiness and isn’t that what Christmas is all about. You also get a variety of choices when buying chocolates from size, packing, flavours and so on. Those with a refined palate can go for dark chocolate, while those looking for surprises can go for mystery filling chocolate boxes. You can buy small bars or huge boxes. The choice is yours and yours alone. Chocolates are among very few items in the world which guarantee positive feedback.


Pets are not limited to dogs & cats. You can get rabbits, fishes, lizards, guinea pigs, birds, and more. There are a lot of animal species compatible to be living in harmony with people. After all, what would be a better gift to someone or yourself than a companion? At the same time, you must remember that pets are also a responsibility. You will have an animal’s life depend on you. But, it is one of the most wonderful things to have in the world to care for life.

DSLR Camera

Do you love taking pictures? Do you want to become a professional photographer? You wanna make videos or films? If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then get a good DSLR camera this Christmas. You can take pictures of your festive celebrations with your new camera to get your picture portfolio started. DSLR camera offers great control over the pictures you take and are fun to use once you get the hang of it. This is a matter of interest, whether as a hobby or as a career. Don’t buy a DSLR camera just for the sake of it and have it sit in a corner of your home. A camera is meant to click.

Action Camera

This one is for the outdoor adventurous. If you are the kind of person who likes to go on hikes, go surfing, tour on a bicycle, climb mountains, kayak in rivers or indulge in such adventurous and exploratory outdoor activities, an action camera will come in handy. Action cameras are specially designed to capture moments of movements beautifully. This will be an especially great gift to yourself this Christmas if you are an adventure Youtube blogger or intend to be one. There are several options to choose from falling different budget ranges. But do get one with an inbuilt stabilizer so that your final video doesn’t look shaky. If you get one before Christmas Eve, you can record your merry moments on the same camera.

BBQ Grill

There are but a few things which say friends, family and good food like a barbecue grill. No matter what age you are, a barbecue gathering is a major highlight of the social circle. If you don’t know how to operate a grill, this would be a good opportunity to get one and start learning. Maybe you can mark the coming year as the year when you host all the best BBQ parties instead of just attending them. 


The hoverboard has made walking optional for many people. It is recently the most trending means of transport on the streets. It is the technological evolution from a skateboard. Plus it is not as complex to master as a skateboard. All you need to do is manage the pressure on your feet and the board responds to your commands. The actions come almost naturally after a couple of tries only. If you are looking for something fun to have around the house or something interesting way to do chores nearby your home, then Hoverboard will be a good choice to buy this Christmas.

Board Games

Board Games are a fun bonding activity. If you are someone who hosts gathering for friends and family or if you have kids; board games will come in handy. There are a variety of board games you can get from classics like snakes & ladders and monopoly to board games based on fantasy series like Lord of the Rings & Game of Thrones. You can also get digital game boards with interactive features to make you gatherings seem more futuristic. This will prove its worth as you gather for Christmas.

Wireless Selfie Stick

This one is for those who love taking pictures of themselves. People who are active on Instagram and Snapchat need all the creatives selfies they can get. This is great for taking group pictures when friends and family gather. Just ensure that your phone is compatible with the selfie stick. Take great selfies this Christmas and see how creative you can get with the pictures.


Karaoke is one of the most fun group activities. Even alone, it can be a delight to break out in a song and have music playing to support your lyrical endeavour. You don’t even need to get the whole system. Technology has allowed the entire karaoke unit to be fit in a mic. You can easily carry it around on vacations or picnics as a group activity. It will be fun and it will be memorable. If you want fun for Christmas, it comes packed in a karaoke mic.

Spa Treatment

Treat yourself this Christmas with a spa treatment. We work hard all year so that we can relax around the holidays. The holiday season is like the weekends of the entire year. What better and more efficient way to relax than being pampered by professionals. Spa treatments offer numerous health benefits like stress relief, blood circulation, skin treatment and so on. You can get yourself an expensive all-encompassing treatment. If you find it working for you, there are also yearly memberships available at many spa centres. If you wish to spend a little extra, you can even head to spa and wellness resorts to experience ultimate tranquillity for your mind and body. There are different types of spa treatments and therapies to choose from. You can pick the ones you like or try multiple therapies once to know which one works best for you. 

Holiday Booking

If you enjoy travelling, then there is no better gift you can enjoy than a getaway. You can visit a city or escape to the wilderness. Whatever type of vacation you enjoy, book it. Travelling is one of the delightful pleasures of life. It is a matter of enjoyment as well as personal growth. It has been found that one of the most common regrets people have is not travelling enough. If you have the holidays and the budget, pack your bags and be somewhere. Even if you don’t book a lavish vacation in a distant and exotic land, you can enjoy a getaway to a nearby town or city. Almost every place has a few attractions and activities to enjoy. If the wilderness speaks more dearly to you then all you need is camping equipment and you are good to go. Christmas is most associated with staying home and spending time in your city, you can break away from the trend and travel. As yourself, this, is being unique and having unique experiences is what I want for Christmas? If the answer is yes, then get busy looking for a destination.

Desire Health & Wellness

Fitness Band

This one is for athletic types and fitness freaks. It is also a great gift for someone trying to lose weight or someone monitoring their health. These have also become part of one’s fashion expression. They can be considered style equivalent of watches and bracelets. If you venture out for smarter options among fitness bands, you would get additional features and functions like Bluetooth connectivity, updates, notifications and so on. You can get fit bits in all kinds of colours, shapes, sizes, and designs.

Fitness Equipment

Getting in shape is among the top resolutions around the new year. If fitness is the answer to what do I want for Christmas this year, then this is what you need to get. Now the specific fitness equipment you get depends on what route you wish to take towards fitness. You can get a bicycle or gym machines to work out at home. If you are into cardio or yoga you can get yoga mat or one of those large balls. If you don’t think that you will have enough motivation to get on with exercising by yourself, then the next option will be more suitable for you.

Gym Membership

A gym is a place designed for fitness and bodybuilding. You get access to a whole lot of equipment and training without having to pay for any of them. All you need to pay for is access to that place. You can even get personal trainers to guide you in your journey towards fitness. Just pick a gym that is quite close to either your home or your place of work. If the gym is too far, you will always find a reason to skip it.

Sports Gear

If you have a sport you enjoy playing then you can get something to help you with your game this Christmas. Say if you play football with your friends regularly on weekends, get shoes with better grip. If you play tennis, get a new racket. New gear will help you improve your game and may even add to the enjoyment. If what you want for Christmas this year is to be able to play better, then make some investment in your hobby and get that extra edge over your opponents to win the game.

Complete Medical Check-Up

The best thing you can have for this Christmas and all festivals to follow is good health. While we love to spend a lot of money on curing diseases and health issues, we pay little to no attention to prevention. Why not gift yourself health this Christmas and get a full body checkup. Even if there is nothing wrong you will be glad that you underwent this procedure. For now, you know that you are healthy and ticking to enjoy the holidays.

All-Natural Cosmetics

We use cosmetics daily and it’s all chemicals, damaging out skins and hair in many ways. Many people are shifting to all-natural cosmetics and experience a significant change. If you are asking yourself what do I want for Christmas this year? And your skin seems harsh when stroking your chin; then maybe you could use a healthy shift in skincare. This is something you can try once to know if it works for you or not.

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