People love giving gifts, and they love receiving gifts as well. Most of the gifts are sincere while some are given just for the sake of it. The gifts you see below make a bold statement and are guaranteed to make the receiver burst out in laughter or at least give away a chuckle. There are gag gifts for men, women and children, you have to decide which one is which. Just to give you a hint, number 13 is not for children. Some of these gifts are holiday focused like Christmas gag gifts. You will discover them as you read along. These funny gag gifts require you to think a little bit about the receiver as well. Give the wrong present to the wrong person and you would loose some respect. The best gag gifts require premeditation from you and a little sense of humor from the receiver. If all goes well, you can both form a fond memory around it.

Bacon Bandages

Cost: $ 5.75

“Hey, you got bacon on you.” Is what people will say when you cover your wounds, scars and scratches. You can reply with a smug, “Yes Indeed” or to quote Walter White of Breaking Bad fame, “You’re Goddamn Right!”. You don’t need to worry about the medical part though. These bandages are as real as the ones that look like bandages, but they catch the eye and are an interesting conversation starter as outlined above. It’s one of those gag gifts that is simple and still effective. You will get 15 of these in a pack. That’s 15 days worth of pranks in your pocket.

Butt Station

Cost: $8.99

Here’s a little blue man sitting on the toilet holding one to your stationaries. This is something you would definitely need a second look to confirm. It is what it is. But the mind won’t be able to process the Butt Station at first sight. It can be a fun addition to a boring office desk. If you are looking for something for a colleague, this would be one of the best gag gifts. It is designed for utility as well. The little blue man along with his toilet can hold a couple of pens, scotch tape, business cards and post it notes. There are several variation of the Butt Station with variety of capacities of stationary holding. All of them are sure to catch the eye. Your colleagues would definitely have some questions.

Batman Snuggie

Cost: $27.99

As the night takes upon the city, the dark knight shall rise to sit on the couch in Bat Snuggie to enjoy a good movie as comfortable as a cookie. Snuggie is associated with comfort as taco bell is with Mexican food. That’s the whole point of it. But it can be more than that, not taco bell, the Snuggie. The bat Snuggie also has buddies in marvel and DC world like superman snuggie, wonder woman snuggie, iron man snuggie, Spiderman snuggie, hulk snuggie and many more. All you need to do is pick your favorite superhero and snuggle into comfort. This is not a gag gift for just men either. Snuggie knows no gender. If you are buying for friends and family you can pick entire Justice League or Avengers Snuggie. Then you can all snuggle looking comfortable and powerful at the same time. Wouldn’t that be a great picture?

Toilet Mug

Cost: $9.99

Is it a mug, is it a bowl, is it a toilet for a dwarf? You would never know. Nor are you supposed to know. All the contents of the Toilet Mug are exclusive to the owner. This isn’t a good gift for prudes. This one is for those who know how to have fun in life. Anyone who sets their sights on this mug would for sure have questions, a lot of them. First of all, why? Secondly, who had the idea? thirdly, how would I look holding one? And finally, what would my coffee look in it? The final question explains the purpose of this gag gift. One thing is for sure that with this mug, nobody would try to sip away your coffee.

Emergency Clown Nose

Cost: $8.50

You never know when a clown is needed. If you are gifting this to someone, you are making it clear that in your eyes they are clowns. That too, a clown who needs to be on standby to put on a costume and a clown nose at any point of time. The point that this gag gift makes is that “You are a clown, just the nose is missing. Put this one and clown about the town”. It is a funny gag gift no doubt about it. If you have kids or the person you are presenting does, it will be quite useful. Unless the kids have seen IT and are afraid of clown altogether. Then its bad idea. It would still be funny though.

Creative Cursing Profanity Generator

Cost: $9.95

Some people posses a wide lexicon and creative pedigree to put others does down with words. For others  there is this fun this profanity generator. Just so that you know the smartness of this item, we would like to disclose that this wonder of vocabulary assistant comes with gems like ‘Crap Wad’. It is among great Christmas gag gifts for those who are always seem short of words. Many a times we think of amazing come backs to insults long after the argument is over. Does it not happen with you or people around you? All that changes when you have a variety of insults ready to delivered at lightning speed. All you need to do is randomly flip the generator.

Animal Butt Magnets

Cost: $12.4

The product is exactly as advertised. It is a magnet that looks like animal butts. The butts have been inspired by animals such as cheetah, lion, tiger, giraffe and so on. Though the funniest among them is of course the hippo. The elephant looks funny too, but it’s no match for the hippo. If you have a hippo butt sticking out of your fridge with grocery list hanging to it. You would give out a chuckle at least. It’s not just for fridge though, you can stick it on any magnetic surface. Any magnetic surface you feel lacks an animal butt can be altered with this gag gift.

The Zombie Survival Guide

Cost: $10.69

The zombies are coming, rather slowly, what will you do? As with all things necessary, there is a guide for it. This ultimate how to guidebook will help you survive the apocalypse when it happens. Until then it’s a fun read. It a gag gift for men, women and children. This book tells you exactly what will happen when the zombies come for your brains. It tells you how to deal with these collective monsters and find your way to safety. The book also teaches survival techniques for all conditions which may arise during a zombie apocalypse. You will have read through several chapters to become the soldier needed to save the people.

Dogs on Bikes T-shirt

Cost: $19.99

Again, this funny gag gift is exactly as advertised. A picture of a dog riding a bike printed on a t shirt. This is the gift to get if you don’t mind people staring at your chest trying to figure out if what they is indeed what is printed. The answer is yes, but it’s fun watching dumbfound look on people’s face. You can get t-shirts featuring various dog breeds as well. It’s the perfect gift for those who love their dogs. Just get the breed right or you will hear the end of it.

Official Bullshit Button

Cost: $9.85

This button comes in handy when you need to call someone out on their bullshit. Just hit the button and it gives out a loud noise which alarms all those around. It is a notification of bullshit taking place and you having called it at its face. Just don’t go around pressing the button at random, it diminishes the significance of the button.

Passive Agressive Notes

Cost: $15.99

This is a book to read, a book for references, a book for inspiration and a book to quote. The collection of passive aggressive notes is a collection of gems from people who were angry and expressed their emotions with a little creativity of words to deliver the desired effect. The situations are quite relatable and the quotes are useable. So next time someone drinks up your milk you can have a sassy post it note to let them know that you know and that you are pissed off about it. This funny gag gift is filled with humorous quotes and incidents.

Emergency Underpants

Cost: $5.81

If there is an emergency which involves any excursions from the body, you’ll be glad to have this gag gift for men with you. The emergency underpants come in a compact box which you can pull out and strap on. It is one of the best gag gifts to give anyone as it conveys a message: “You’re are prone to diarrhea”

Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Cost: $7.64

The man is happy but nobody knows why. And because he is happy he is willing to help. The happy man, actually, very happy man allows you to use him to preserve your wine. The happy man sacrifices his comfort and probably well being just keep your wine in the bottle. The happy man deserves respect for that. A man with such capacity to sacrifice is a great gift. It is also a great Christmas gag gift as wine bottles are bound to be opened during the holidays.

Giant Fist Can Holder

Cost: $24.94

You ever felt like a giant or want to feel like a giant. Here’s you chance to do just that and keep your beer cool while doing it. This Hulk inspired hand will make the can feel tiny. It does keep the drink chilled though as it acts as a cooler as well. You will get this large foam hand in variety of colors. All would feel dominant once you put them on. How cool and funny it would be sitting on the couch drinking from a regular can but with a large hand. It would be like Hulk undergoing partial transformations just to have a nice cold drink.

Camera Lens Mug

Cost: $16.95

This one is a thoughtful gesture of appreciation for visually creative people. If you have a friend who is into photography or film-making, they would truly appreciate this gift. The idea is simple, yet it looks very sophisticated. People from creative backgrounds admire all things concerning their field. It would be a treat for them to sip coffee from a camera lens mug. Just remind them not to put the mug in a camera and coffee in the lens. That would be a disaster.

WTF Nifty Notes

Cost: $5.30

Remember the days when passing notes was a thing. Well if you ever like mixing it up and switching back to paper here’s a Christmas gag gift to delight you. This one can be used for games or just for fun. If you and your friends work or study in the same place, you can come up with a code centered around these notes. If you are a couple, you will have even more fun. Let’s get back to the good old days and pass some chits.

Bring Me Some Wine Socks

Cost: $8.95

These socks outline a very simple instruction. If you are able to read what’s written on them, you should bring the owner of the socks some wine. That’s it. Nothing more, nothings less. Plus these are designed in Christmas theme, so it is the best gag gift for someone who likes wine.

Rainbowl Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

Cost: $11.95

Who the night is dark and full of errors, this light from the light will help you make your way to relief. The toilet will glow like a shinning beacon from sci fi movie or a hidden clue from science fiction. If you choose blue light for this funny gag gift, the toilet seat will look like star wars theme throne. It is unique and is useful, especially if the lights go out in the night. The light is fitted with motion sensors to only be in use when you are around. If it stayed lit up all night, that might be creepy.

Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Cost: $8.99

This is a gag gift for all the beloved mothers. If you have troubled your mom as a child and still do, she would really appreciate the irony of this coloring book. The book is full of quotes an annoyed mother would utter. Once colored, these papers can be torn and used as wall hanging expressing what mom is thinking.

Inflatable Magical Unicorn Horn for Cats

Cost: $8.06

What is a cat can be a unicorn, a very weird looking tiny unicorn.Though it says for cats, this thing works with small dogs and other cat sized animals as well. Basically you can turn any small animal into a unicorn with the detachable unicorn horn. This is a funny gag gift for cat owners, especially those who love to put up hilarious videos of their cats online. The cat struggling to understand the horn it spontaneously grew would be hilarious.

Prank Pack Bathe & Brew

Cost: $6.00

There isn’t an actual show coffee maker in the box. It’s just a box to confuse people. You can put your actual present inside this box and watch people get bewildered at what you have handed them over. The prank would go best for someone smug who think they already have your gift figured out or claim to know what you are going to get for them. This will throw them off their game.

The Screaming Goat Book & Figure

Cost: $8.82

It’s a hilarious gag gift. The screaming goat is just what is advertised on the box. A toy goat that screams every time you touch it. You also get a book providing fun facts about goats. Though it is the screaming goat which is of greater interest. It takes people by surprise if they are casually looking about your house or your desk and just happen to set their hands upon the goat. It gives out a loud scream startling the person. That’s the gag.

Bigmouth Inc The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Cost: $26.95

If somebody has a garden and garden gnomes, this Christmas gag gift would certainly bring a smile to their face or horror. The garden gnome massacre features a tyrannosaurus rex destroying the little gnomes. The T-Rex looks quite angry and the gnomes look terrified. You can also get gnome massacre at the hands of cats, dogs, dragons, bears and more. It can be a fun addition to the garden decorations.

Split Cam Novelty Camera

Cost: $20

There are people who like to take good picture and there are those who like to take funny pictures. The Split Cam is for the later kind of people. With this cam, you can fuse your head on someone’s body or your body to someone’s head. The cover of the product illustrates the point by showing a dog’s head on a man’s body. You can also click double role picture with this cam. You are only limited by your creativity.

Prank Pack Nap Sack

Cost: $6.99

This is yet another fake box for the real gift. The item on the box shows a bag that you put over your head to take a nice quiet nap. That’s the beauty of these kind of boxes. This is something no one would ever imagine could be a gift. When they actually open the box they get the real sweet surprise. Unless you put another joke in the box as well.

Things that annoy me notebook

Cost: $8.00

This one would be the best gag gift for the grumpy ones. Everyone knows someone who mostly wear a frown on their faces. They are grumpy and they know it. Maybe you can turn that frown upside down just for a little while with this notebook. It will help them express their anger in form of words or just a reminder of things to be unhappy about. Eitherway, you will give them something memorable.

Evolving Tadpole

Cost: $23.80

It’s a great gift for children to learn and watch the wonder of nature right in front of their eyes. This artificial replica of a tadpoles evolution is a treat for young minds.  They get to learn and have fun at the same time.

Hand Grenade Mug

Cost: $10.45

This one is for the more explosive people. The mug says take a number, but don’t do it. This mug definitely attracts attention. It tells people that you are not the one to come to for complaints. If they do, they would have to get in line and wait. The number is attached to the grenade’s pin, if they do intend to complain, they deserve an explosion of anger from you right in their face. These are gag gifts for men, women and children with an explosive personality or at least vocabulary.

Inflatable Pool Party Drink Floats

Cost: $7.99

If you are someone who has a pool or know someone with a pool, this is among the best gag gifts you can give. These little swan floaters gracefully take your drinks around the pool. They are like little inflatable waiters who keep the beverages coming. This should add a memorable element to your or your friend’s next pool party. Why come out the pool or reach over at the risk of falling when you can have cute little birds carry your drinks around.

Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Cost: $39.99

This one was a pun in the waiting, until someone put the idea to good use and created this apron. It is not just for pun, the apron is highly functional when grilling stuff. It comes with spice pockets, six-pack holders, tongs holders, bottle openers and several large pockets. This one is among perfect Christmas gag gifts for those who love BBQ and throw BBQ parties. The apron is a joke you can wear and still kill at the grill.

Giant Flask

Cost: $13.94

Have you ever felt the need to carry half a gallon of liquor? Or do you know anyone who always felt that their liquor flask is way too small? If yes is your answer to either of the questions, boy is there a flask for you. This flask seems to be originally made as a regular sized flasks, but for giants. Since the creators of this fine product couldn’t find any giants in the United States of America, they are making it available for regular sized people who find it absolutely necessary to carry a lot of liquid around. This can also be among funny gag gifts for people who enjoy drinking a little bit more than usual.

Beardski Ski Mask

Cost: $31.14

It’s a ski mask with a beard on it, exactly as advertised. If you are skiing in the mountains or cross country skiing in snow and want to be easily recognizable amidst all the people in ski gear; here’s a solution to your problem. Just let people know to look for the guy with long beard. The beard is waterproof, so you will find gracefully talking to the wind as you ski instead of being mushed like a wet cat. It is also a very interesting look to pull off. If you are a lady, this could be an easy way to keep sleazy guys away from you as you ski. The long beard also makes a very interesting look all in all. And if you add mannerisms of a gruff guy to this look, you have one hilarious character on your hand.

Edible Insects Bag

Cost: $13.99

This is the gift for those who claim that they would gobble down anything put in front of them. It is also for those who annoy you for sticking to your basic pallet of food and telling you that you should try all varieties of food. These are not candies, these are real bugs. They have been boiled, dehydrated and seasoned with salt. It’s no joke, well it’s a joke, not many people would chomp on actual insect, except for bear grills maybe.

Portable Pizza Pouch

Cost: $7.99

If somebody always needs a pizza at arms length, there is a way to make it happen. The portable pizza pouch helps you carry your pizza around wherever you go. You can be the designated pizza distributor at a party or carry our pizza for a hike in the woods. All you need to do is slice up the pizza and put it in this pouch. The only disadvantage is that it hangs around your neck and looks a little weird. But, that’s where the joke lies. If you are presenting this as a Christmas gag gift to someone you are basically telling them, “You love pizza so much you would carry it around your neck like a pendant.” Well, now they actually can.

Grow a Boyfriend

Cost: $5.23

These one maybe the sickest burn you can give to your single lady friends. Telling them they should grow a boyfriends instead of trying to find one. If they know how to take a joke, it can be among funny gag gifts that you got to tease them. The 2 inch figuring grows up to 12 inches in size once put in water. Your friend would have to be really tiny to be able to date this guy.

Octopus Beanie Hat

Cost: $12.99

You wanna look like an octopus, or a pirate, or a viking? If the answer is yes, then there is a perfect gift for you. It is a beanie hat, with sockets for your eyes. The fun part is the hanging tentacles or beard; depending on which variation of the hat you picked It is a great way to have some fun with your wardrobe this winter.

Tiki Tumblers Hawaiian Luau Party Mug

Cost: $29.24

If you wish to add a little Hawaiin spice to your next party or even your next drink, this party mug are perfect for you. This applies to the person you are presenting these mugs as a gift to as well. It is a welcome reminder of the sunny beaches of the tropical island paradise.

Giant Wooden Pencil

Cost: $9.00

There are certain items which make one feel like a giant. This one is the complete opposite of it. This enormous pencil makes one feel like a Lilliputian. This 14 inches long pencil functions perfectly. You can use it for any purpose you would use a pencil for. It will be a little difficult to handle though. Be prepared for worst handwriting of your life.

I need a huge glass of wine glass

Cost: $17.99

It is bottle of wine with an attached wine glass on top of it. This bottle is answers the age old dilemma “Whether to drink from a bottle or a glass?” In this case, the bottle is the glass and the glass is the bottle. You will be drinking wine in a glass while simultaneously drinking it directly from the bottle. It is an amazing Christmas gag gift for wine lovers. You would never need a top up once you have this bottle glass. Just let the wine flow as you please.

Crime Scene Sandwich Bags

Cost: $4.75

It will be much easier to spot your food with these themed sandwich bags. These bags declare you food to be a scene of crime, hence no one is allows to touch it. Nobody is even allowed near it. These bags are a warning that anybody who messes with your food shall have to bear consequences of trespassing investigation scene.

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