Creatively Cool Christmas Gifts for Cool & Creative People

Don’t worry, even Santa has a tough time coming up with cool Christmas gift ideas. It’s a confusing decision to make, hence we made a list. This article has traveled across the web to gather gifts which would leave an impression and be memorable. You will receive the gratitude and kind words from the receiver and they, in turn, would get great conversation starters. These Christmas gift ideas are so incredible that you might end up keeping them for yourself. After all, who better to receive a gift than you?

Now, each of these gift ideas is creative and cool, that’s the whole purpose of this article’s existence. But, for the sake of convenience, we have broken them down in a few categories to make it easier to read & make a decision. Just keep the person you are bestowing these gifts upon in mind and you would find something in this article that would leave a lasting impression and maybe even a great memory. Have fun exploring.

Warning: You will be raising expectations of gifts from you on coming occasions. But, don’t worry, we will come out with more articles to help you out. We got your back!

Useful & Cool Christmas Gifts

Below you’ll find the gifts which are not only cool in appearance and designs but useful at the same time.

Top 5 Picks from Useful & Cool Christmas Gifts
Gift ItemAmazon PriceAmazon Rating
Premium Crepe Maker29.29 USD4.3
Bluetooth Headphone for sleeping22.88 USD4.3
Smart Water Bottle29.99 USD4.3
Table Lamp Touch Sensor43.29 USD4.6
Gooseneck Coffee Kettle39.99 USD4.6
  1. Moon lamp

Whether in the living room or the bedroom, this moon night lamp is a real charm. It brings the calming atmosphere of the night and the distant universe into your home. Elaborately produced with cutting-edge 3D printing technology, this lamp shows the authentic surface of the moon which can not only be seen and felt as it glows beside you. It is a special accessory for anyone who likes unusual and cool home décor items.

The lamp provides added value and cool effect as a dignified background light in the room. Wherever you set your moonlight up: it sits securely and at the same time flexibly in the elegant wooden stand. Another cool feature this modern lamp brings is that there is no chord hanging on the real moon, which means it works completely wirelessly.

Amazon Rating       4.6

Price on Amazon  39.99 USD

  1. Premium Crepe Maker

Who doesn’t like Crepe? These outrageously delicious thin wafers are sweet treats everyone would bend backwards for. Crepes are loved and eaten almost everywhere and are often bought on occasions such as Christmas or Birthday parties. But, why do most of the people have to buy it from the market? It is because of the preparation and accuracy with which people have to make them, which is not that easy. Something always goes wrong, mostly it’s the fact that the crepes don’t get nearly as thin as it should be. But it’s different with this Electric Crepe Maker.

From now on you can prepare your favourite crepes at home and impress your guests like a professional.

Amazon rating                 4.3

Amazon price                  29.99 USD

  1. Bluetooth headphones for sleeping – headband

With the headband as sleep headphones, now, you can listen to your favourite music or radio plays without any pressure or sore ear in the long run. Simply put your headband on, cuddle in bed and entertain yourself with your desired music. If you like to listen to music before falling asleep then this cool band is for you.

You will hardly notice the extremely flat headphones being embedded in the soft and elastic fabric. So, you can lie comfortably on your side, unlike the conventional headphones that protrude from your ear. This Bluetooth headband sleeping headphone creates a private space for you to help you sleep better and also to enjoy your music time.

Amazon rating                 4.3

Amazon price                  22.88 USD

  1. Cotton candy machine

The fluffy cotton candy is probably the tastiest stuff of all that can be found at the Christmas festivals and fair. Unfortunately, you always have to wait for one of the festivals to enjoy this sweet. Well, that’s not true anymore. From now on you can prepare the cotton candy at home at any time with this cool cotton candy machine.

To enjoy delicious and sweet cotton candy quickly and easily, all you need is this cool candy machine and sugar or hard candy. What makes this machine useful is the simple assembly and handling procedure which does not require any prior knowledge.

Amazon rating                 4.3

Amazon price                  38.94 USD

  1. Popcorn Popper Machine

When was the last time you got to have delicious popcorn? Long time and far too seldom? Popcorn is inevitably associated with cinema. However, this Popcorn popper machine guarantees you fresh popcorn straight from the couch at home as much and as often as you want.

What occasion other than Christmas would be most suited for a movie night with family? This popcorn machine will make your next movie evening unforgettable. The popcorn machine will produce your favourite snack in no time at all with very little effort. Wouldn’t it be cool to have such a popcorn machine at home?

Amazon rating                 4.4

Amazon price                  59.89 USD

  1. Air Purifier

Do you want to have clean air in your as well as your loved ones’ room or workplace? A cleaner for the room air is certainly not the classic present but a modern way to express your care. The Air Purifier ensures improved room air. This is therefore not only suitable in a smoker’s apartment, but the pet owners or people suffering from allergies also get benefitted from such a device.

What makes it special is that it reliably frees the surrounding air of all kinds of allergic substances making it a life-changing present. It helps you and your family enjoy pure air every day, thus improves overall health.

Amazon rating                 4.4

Amazon price                  37.99 USD

  1. UV Smartphone Sanitizer

The sanitization of the objects that we carry has been made essential even for those who would never have considered the usefulness of sterilizer amid Covid-19 pandemic. It has been proved that keeping mobile phones clean is crucial, for which UV Smartphone Sanitizers have become fashionable.

This Smartphone Sanitizer is a small gadget that sanitizes the smartphone without affecting its components as water would. So, keep your family and yourself safe with this cool and smart gadget.

Amazon rating                 4.6

Amazon price                  63.95 USD

  1. Smart Water Bottle

Stressed at work, at your desk or university, you are out and about and forget to drink knowing that drinking water is the most important thing you can and must do for your body? This smart water bottle fits perfect here which enables healthy drinking behaviour with its smart sensing technology.

Everything becomes intelligent, so, why not the bottles you drink from? This smart bottle could be your next awesome thing to buy not only for yourself but for your loved ones. It’s a remarkable blend of health and technology.

Amazon rating                 4.3

Amazon price                  29.99 USD

  1. Cooling Mattress Topper

A cooling mattress is an energy-efficient and a welcoming addition in any home. Besides energy saving, it adds more comfort in summers and improves people’s sleep experiences. The difference this padding makes to the quality of sleep has delighted the people.

So, who is stopping you to create a luxury experience in your bedroom within an accessible range? The product reacts to your body and its needs and adapts accordingly thanks to its innovative foam padding. It is breathable and cool to touch offering cosy sleeping environment.

Amazon rating                 4.4

Amazon price                  38.90 USD

  1.             10.Gooseneck Coffee Kettle

Would you like to brew your favourite coffee or tea with freshly boiled water? Your search for the best coffee that makes you smile ends here. Instead of using a classic kettle, you can use this elegant and easy to carry coffee kettle with premium graded stainless steel making it rust-free and safe for decades. The design itself is a blend of durability, quality and sleekness.

One of the coolest features is the integrated thermometer thanks to which you always heat the water to the optimal temperature. This useful and cool Christmas gift aims at delivering more smiles per cup.

Amazon rating                 4.6

Amazon price                  39.99 USD

  1.             11.Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

Has the battery of your smartphone even gone empty and the charging cable is not at hand? With the Digital alarm clock with wireless charging, you no longer have to worry about that. It couldn’t be more convenient to charge the mobile without you worrying about the charging cable.

The multifunctional device is a cool toy for all the technology freaks and is therefore definitely ideal as a Christmas present. With its small dimensions and lightweight, the multifunctional clock fits on any desk in the office, in the living room or on the bedside table.

Amazon rating                 4.5

Amazon price                  33.99 USD

  1.             12.Table Lamp Touch Sensor

I’m sure you would agree that it is more convenient to turn the bedside lamp off or on by touching anywhere on the base of the lamp, than looking for the switch in the darkness.  The multi-layered structure of the lamp ensures soft light distribution making it look super elegant, classic and comfortable for eyes which in turn makes your room look more exquisite.

Set the mood for any occasion, delight your family and friends with the eye-catching lights. It’s simple design also makes it an ideal choice as a decoration as well as a gift.

Amazon rating                 4.6

Amazon price                  43.29 USD

  1.             13.Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Are you a fan of cold-brewed coffee? If yes, then you already know that if the coffee is made right, it is divine with magical taste, the reason why you would prefer to go to bars to satisfy your taste. Brewing it at home is an incredibly tough task. This Airtight Cold Iced Coffee Maker makes things way easier and joyful for a personal cup of coffee.

The airtight seal engineered to perfectly fit within your fridge shelf showcases refined craftsmanship to the user. With this cool coffee maker, take your brewing and hosting skills to the next level.

Amazon rating                 4.6

Amazon price                  29.99 USD

  1.             14.Automatic Pan Stirrer

Everyone wants a pair of helping hands in the kitchen. At the push of a button, this unique and cool product turns by itself in the pan, which makes it to stir the content in the pan or pot all by itself. The device is suitable for all cooks who like to slowly cook sauces, but also for those who are already setting the table while the soup is simmering.

This way you can devote yourself to other, more important things in the kitchen without worrying about something burning. This leaves the hard work of stirring to the Automatic Stirr.

Amazon rating                 4.1

Amazon price                  30.95 USD

  1.             15.Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes

You will agree with me that homemade cappuccino never comes out as frothy and foamy as the one in the bar, does it? For a great cappuccino, you need a large cappuccino maker, well, not anymore!! Now you can make the cappuccino of your dreams when you want, without having to go to the bar with this Handheld Foam Maker for coffee.

The Milk Frother gives a professional touch to your latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate. You can make delicious foamy cream for your best latte. You know your tastes best, so make your drinks accordingly.

Amazon rating                 4.5

Amazon price                  18.99 USD

  1.             16.Heng Balance Lamp

Seeing is believing. This lamp speaks for itself and amazes everybody around. The wonderful and utterly unique Heng Balance table lamp embodies an exquisite blend of light and art. One thing is certain: at first glance, this masterpiece amazes the people beyond imagination. The on and off switch is made up of two magnetic balls, which with their attractive force close the electric circuit at the base of the lamp.

The Luminous LEDs incorporated in the curved frame emit pleasant and relaxing light. This decoration is a must element that should find its place in the home of any lover of design and art.

Amazon rating                 4.4

Amazon price                  52.90 USD

Unique & Cool Christmas Gifts

The gifts below will surely make an impression of wonder whoever witness them because of the uniqueness of these articles.

Top 5 Picks from Unique & Cool Christmas Gifts
Gift ItemAmazon PriceAmazon Rating
Indoor Table Fountain24.99 USD4.2
All-new Echo Dot49.99 USD4.8
Long-Distance Friendship Lamps199.00 USD4.2
Moving Sand Art Round Glass45.99 USD4.5
Professional Printing 3D Pen59.46 USD4.4
  1. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Do you feel like a true movie maniac? Then the 100 Movies Scratch off poster is the gadget for you. We are sure you are missing some even if you have seen thousands of movies. The movies selected are among the most beautiful masterpieces in the history of cinema. The purpose of the poster in addition to discovering the movies that deserved your attention is that of the challenge, a challenge that you can throw at your friends.

Place your order now and prepare the coin to scratch, the 100 movies scratch-off poster will become your new gadget to satisfy your passion for cinema.

Amazon rating                 4.6

Amazon price                  25.97 USD

  1. Indoor Tabletop Fountain

Decorative Indoor Tabletop Fountain: once you have experienced it, you will not forget it for a lifetime. You can now bring the essence of nature at home, indulge in memories and lose yourself in your daydreams. Let yourself be enchanted by the calming sound of the water and enjoy the fresh Relaxation Fountain.

The flowing water ensures a pleasant level of humidity, which improves the climate, especially when the heated air is dry. This is a perfect gift for someone who wants to relax after a hard day. All you need is to turn the Fountain on before going to bed and drift to sleep as you listen to its peaceful running stream sounds.

Amazon rating                 4.2

Amazon price                  24.99 USD

  1. Virtual reality glasses for smartphones

With simple glasses, you can immerse yourself in an interactive virtual world that makes us believe that we are physically in a completely different room. Virtual Reality glasses are trendy like never before! Do you also want to try out amazing fun and open up new worlds? Then you need this cool VR Headset compatible with both iPhone and Android Phones.

All you have to do is put your smartphone into the VR glasses and you’ll have an immediate perception of what is happening on your smartphone. Virtual Reality is an Engineering miracle, so don’t miss your chance to have interactive fun in the virtual world.

Amazon rating                 4

Amazon price                  49.99 USD

  1. Desktop Jellyfish Tank

If you are looking for something unique and relaxing for your desk, then try the Desktop Jellyfish Tank which is perfect to enlighten your room. The two jellyfish in the lamp produce hypnotic movement which improves the well-being and ambience by reducing stress.

The LED light itself is very relaxing which makes an ideal atmosphere for any room in the house. This is certainly not only something you need, but it is something you want. Once you turn it on, there is no coming back. This cool and unique lamp is committed to your complete satisfaction.

Amazon rating                 4.7

Amazon price                  89.99 USD

  1. Smart Robots for Kids

Robotics is the future. The world of robots is undoubtedly a fascinating field even for children. This small programmable interactive RC robot encourages boys and girls to be interested in technology from an early age making this a cool gift for them. It’s perfect for learning, playing and trying out. The robot is waiting for your commands.

Give away the stylish humanoid robot for Christmas or as a birthday gift to your kids and you’ll see their bright eyes. This is an unusual and unique high-tech idea for bright adolescents.

Amazon rating                 4.5

Amazon price                  149.99 USD

  1. Rectangle Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace

How do you imagine the perfect winter day? You are sitting comfortably on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate. The only thing which could complete this picture and make it cosier would be a fireplace, preferably with the visually stunning flames. But how is it possible if you don’t have a chimney for the flames? The Rectangle Tabletop Fireplace has made it possible which runs on bioethanol. There is no chimney required nor any unpleasant smoke emission.

Simply set the cool decorative fireplace up and create a perfect view of romantic flickering and ambience.

Amazon rating                 4.7

Amazon price                  79.00 USD

  1. Chill-O-Matic drink chiller

Thirsty and no cold drink? No problem, with the Chill-o-Matric you can cool a can of drink you want to a refreshing temperature within 60 seconds. How cool it would be to have such a cool gadget at your hand? The device cools beverage cans faster than a refrigerator, which makes it ideal for picnics and parties.

With the Chill-o-Matic cooler, you can now travel easily. You no longer need to stick around a heavy cooler filled with multiple bags of ice. Being an affordable option, this drink chiller does the trick.

Amazon rating                 4.1

Amazon price                  24.99 USD

  1. All-new Echo Dot

If you are looking for a smart gadget which could fit harmoniously into every apartment, Amazon has a treat for you. The latest Echo Dot smart speaker is not only economical but it comes with additional cool features. The balanced voice of Alexa, the sleek and compact design of the smart speaker and the elegant LED display makes the All-new Echo Dot a perfect partner to have fun with at your home.

With Alexa, you can fill the entire house with music thanks to multiroom music features. You can also listen to audibles, podcasts and many more. So, what are you waiting for?

Amazon rating                 4.8

Amazon price                  49.99 USD

  1. White Noise Machine for Sleeping

Having troubles while sleeping? Are you being irritated by the unnecessary sounds in the surroundings? The soothing white noise machine will help you fall asleep quickly. It is the embodiment of creativity and technology which mimics the natural environment which in turn produces the most relaxing and ambient experience possible. The appearance of the pure white shell is unique and advanced, the first time you’ll be seeing such a beautiful amber light with such delicacy.

The portability, uniqueness, cost-effectiveness and simplicity of the white noise lamp makes it a perfect choice for your next cool Christmas gift.

Amazon rating                 4.6

Amazon price                  22.99 USD

  1.             10.Moving Sand Art Round Glass

If you are an art lover, then the Moving Sand Art Round Glass is a perfect gift for you. It’s a whole new world enclosed in the globe of glass. What makes it unique and cool are the landscape images and pictures portrayed by the accurate arrangement of sand particles. Every time you rotate the globe, the sand will fall to create a new extraordinary landscape image.

This Moving Sand Picture Frame is just what you need to decorate your as well as your friends’ homes or offices. The colours are so natural which will remind you of the layers of silt deposited at the bottom of the ocean. This cool Christmas gift is a worth looking at for a long time to come.

Amazon rating                 4.5

Amazon price                  45.99 USD

  1.             11.KLASK: The Magnetic Award-Winning Party Game

KLASK: A blend of table football and air hockey. Yes, you read it correctly! You are going to enjoy this fast-paced, addictive and tactical game as much as you like table football and air hockey. What makes this table game unique is that it’s the magnet which does all the tricks. The players control the magnet which eventually controls the game.

Another cool thing about the game is that you don’t have to assemble anything. It is delivered in one peace. So, are you ready for a lot of fun and showcase your tactical and forward-looking skills with your family and friends in the next meetup?

Amazon rating                 4.8

Amazon price                  59.99 USD

  1.             12.Set of Two Long-Distance Friendship Lamps

Do you have a long-distance relationship or friend? This lamp makes the relationship much better. Living away from your loved ones can be difficult and there comes a time when you crave for their presence in the physical world. Knowing that the other one is thinking about you is always comforting. By that we don’t mean the obligatory message on WhatsApp, we mean something much more romantic.

This clever and cool Long-Distance Lamp harnesses the power of the light to remind you that your friend or loved one is thinking about you. When the person at the other end touches the lamp, it sends a bright and colourful light to the lamp at your end.

Amazon rating                 4.2

Amazon price                  199 USD

  1.             13.Bond Touch – Bracelets That Bring Long-Distance Lovers Closer

When you are in Long-Distance relationship you always want to stay in touch with your loved ones. A time may come when you feel helpless about showing your feelings to them. Well, Bond Touch Bracelets will help you to feel the presence of your partner anywhere, anytime.

A Bond Touch Bracelet comes in a pair of two and is responsive to touch. You hold one and you give the other one to your partner. If you touch your bracelet, your partner will feel it wherever they are. What is unique and cool about this bracelet is that it glows with different colours to represent your mood with each colour.

Amazon rating                 4.4

Amazon price                  98 USD

  1.             14.Professional Printing 3D Pen

The latest trend among artists and designers is to utilize 3D printing as much as possible. We have seen some great sculptures and structures being designed and created by expensive 3D printing setups. Wouldn’t it be cool if you were able to develop such designs while sitting at your home without buying those expensive 3D printing systems? The new 3D drawing pens have opened up completely new possibilities for artists and enthusiasts like you.

With the Professional Printing 3D Pen, you’ll see your imagination coming to life. So, start making your cool doodles, 3D sketches or building structures with ease.

Amazon rating                 4.4

Amazon price                  59.48 USD

  1.             15.3 Man Chess

The Triple Chess is a real highlight for every board game lover. The addition of 3rd player in the classic chess game brings a whole new touch to the game. Not only does the classic playing field adapt to a circular shape, but the addition of a new player also brings a lot of tension and challenge with it, something which many board players crave for.

You are not going to buy a chess game; you are buying a whole new experience. Bring this incredibly complex and mind-bending experience at your home and start your Chess tourneys all through the Christmas Eve.

Amazon rating                 4.6

Amazon price                  49.95 USD

  1.             16.Mini Drone for Kids

Drones with their buzzing through the air, flying faster and sometimes slower, rising in the air and sinking again to the ground are enjoying increasing popularity not only among adults but children are also very fond of small drones. Just being able to pilot the drone according to your perspective itself is a great feeling even for adults.

This nice little flyer surely is for your kids to fly because the propellers are completely covered. Get your kids and yourself this cool mini drone and bring the fun at home.

Amazon rating                 4.3

Amazon price                  51.68 USD

  1.             17.Plasma Ball

If you are looking for cool gift ideas for the boys for the upcoming Christmas, we would be happy to give you a helping hand. To be precise, one of the most ingenious gift ideas for boys would the Retro USB Plasma Ball. This lamp, also known as the lightning sphere is a real eye-catcher. It knows how to cast a magical spell over the viewer. Once you touch the magical ball and look at the spectacle of light, there is no turning back, you can’t stop being amazed.

When you touch the plasma lamp, these touches appear to be followed by flashlights generated and wildly dancing inside the globe.

Amazon rating                 4.6

Amazon price                  35.99 USD

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