What could be more beautiful than wrapping yourself in a cuddly and soft bath towel after a hot bath or a shower? But it would be the perfect time for you to buy some new towels replacing the old, rough and too small towel. There are numerous towels available in market but not everyone knows that there is certain criterion to proceed with the purchases.

We all agree that the towel is one of the most essential products we must have in our bathroom. There are various kind of materials available in market such as microfiber, Egyptian cotton and Linen. One has to be sure about the benefits and demands of each kind of bath towels. During the evaluation, in addition to the prices and brands of the best bath towels, the weight, size, level of softness, absorption and resistance should also be considered.

The search for your next valuable purchase is over now, as we have compiled a list of the best bath towels considering all the important parameters you dream to have in your towels. All the advantageous characteristics are directly being taken from the product description from the manufacturers.

So, let’s see together how to choose the perfect towel that can give a personal and soft touch to your bathroom

Have fun finding the best bath towel!

What to look for while finding the best bath towel?

Think about your own needs:

  • Do you need to have large sized towels or hand cloth or small models?
  • Which material would you prefer for your towel? How durable it should be? How skin friendly it should be?
  • Which colour do you want to buy?
  • Are you looking for a travel towel which can easily be transported and cleaned?

Bath Towels Worth Noticing

Our purchase recommendations are divided into several categories. Each category has specific and unique characteristics which make them special for certain reasons. Choice is your whichever size, colour or material you would like to have in your bathroom. Here are our recommendations:

Top Picks for Best Bath Towels
CategoryArticleAmazon PriceAmazon Rating
Egyptian Bath TowelsCalla Angel Superior 1000 Gram Egyptian Cotton$ 38.994.7
Turkish Bath TowelsIncredibly Soft, Turkish Luxury Shawl Towel$ 25.314.7
Pima Cotton Bath TowelsLacoste Legend Towel, 100% Supima Cotton Loops$ 20.994.6
Bamboo Bath TowelsMOSOBAM 700 GSM Hotel Luxury Bamboo-Cotton$ 96.004.7
Microfiber Bath TowelsOlimpiaFit Microfiber Towels – Quick Dry$ 16.904.7
Organic Bath TowelsAmazon Basics GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Bath Towel$ 41.544.7
Linen Bath TowelsBLESS LINEN Jacquard Striped Pure Linen Bath Towel$ 32.994.8

1.    Egyptian Bath Towels

The Egyptian Bath Towels are considered as one of the best towels you can buy. The bath towels are famous for their highly fibrous cotton grown in Egypt which makes them highly durable and soft. Another important feature these amazing Egyptian Bath Towels possess is the absorbent capability, which also makes them ideal choice for luxury spas and hotels. 

1.1.Luxury White Hand Towels – Soft Circlet Egyptian Cotton

Who wouldn’t want to soothe one’s soul and have a feeling of luxury in one’s own home? Home is where we always want to go back and feel comfortably relaxed especially when it comes to bathing after a hectic day. Wrap yourself in this blissful luxury Egyptian bath towel which comes with exceptional softness and durability.

Transform your bathroom into a mini spa with these delicate soft bath towels. This could also be a great gift for your loved ones because of the fluffiness they possess.

Amazon Rating:          4.5

Amazon Price:            $ 21.99

Amazon.com: Luxury White Hand Towels – Soft Circlet Egyptian Cotton | Highly Absorbent Hotel spa Bathroom Towel Collection | 16×30 Inch | Set of 6: Home & Kitchen

1.2.CASA COPENHAGEN Solitaire Luxury Hotel & Spa Quality, 600 GSM Egyptian Cotton Towel

The gorgeous Casa Copenhagen towels with Egyptian cotton are super soft with amazing absorption capabilities. The towels are perfect to start your day with. What makes them special is the fact that they are large enough to wrap your whole body comfortably and the thickness is so precisely maintained as if you are wearing a second skin but with more fluffiness.

Once you use these fluffy, thick and plush towels, you’ll never want to use any other ordinary towels again.

Amazon Rating:          4.4

Amazon Price:            $ 39.99            

Amazon.com: CASA COPENHAGEN Solitaire Luxury Hotel & Spa Quality, 600 GSM Egyptian Cotton, 6 Piece Turkish Towel Set, Includes 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels, 2 Washcloths, Dark Black: Kitchen & Dining

1.3.Welhome Premium 100% Egyptian Cotton Towel Set of 6

Welhome Premium 100% Egyptian Cotton Towel is a bold addition to your bathroom as the towel invites you to indulge in relaxation no matter how hard your day was. The towels come with several eye-catching colour variations to transform and refresh your bathroom. 

These towels are not only soft and cosy but also pleasing to eye which makes them special for any bathroom. So, what are you waiting for? Your next delightful bathing towel is one click away!

Amazon Rating:          4.2

Amazon Price:            $ 55.99

Amazon.com: Welhome Premium 100% Egyptian Cotton Towel Set of 6 (Cream) – Super Absorbent – Soft & Luxurious Bathroom Towels – 600 GSM – Machine Washable : 2 Bath Towels – 2 Hand Towels – 2 Wash Towels: Home & Kitchen

1.4.Rice Weave 100% Egyptian Cotton 6 Piece Set with 2 Bath Towels

If you are conscious about the thickness of the bath towel you are using and don’t prefer thin towels, then this Rice Weave Egyptian bath towel is for you. These handsome and good quality thirsty towels which dry in no time will add value to your bathroom.

The nice sharp colours and patterns of these towels decorate the bathrooms elegantly, thus giving a spa like feeling. Hence, bring 5-star hotel environment at your doorstep with these bath towel set pieces.

Amazon Rating:          4.5

Amazon Price:            $ 35.81

Amazon.com: Luxury Cotton Towel Set – Rice Weave 100% Egyptian Cotton 6 Piece Set with 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels and 2 Washcloths – Silver Gray: Home & Kitchen

1.5.Calla Angel Superior 1000 Gram Egyptian Cotton Towels

Calla Angel Superior Egyptian Cotton towels tops the list of luxurious towels because of the densely and tightly woven fibre loops which bring extra strength without compromising the smoothness and finishing quality. Another premium feature these gorgeous towels possess is the exquisite chain embroidery which further enhances the elegance to the room they are placed in.

Unlike many ordinary towels, these superior towels get fluffier and softer with each wash. The towels bring the feeling of royalty and richness at an affordable price. 

Amazon Rating:          4.7

Amazon Price:            $ 38.99

Amazon.com: Calla Angel Superior 1000 Gram Egyptian Cotton Oversize 63 x 31 Bath Towel,1 Piece, Silver Chain: Home & Kitchen

2.    Turkish Bath Towels

The Turkish towels, also known as Hammam bath towels come from the Turkish culture which are demonstrably one of the oldest garments belonging to centuries old traditions. Composed of natural fibres the towels are soft, quick to dry, easy to care for and visually stunning.

2.1.Chakir Turkish Linens Hotel & Spa Quality, Highly Absorbent 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

Chakir Turkish bath towels are pure natural cotton towels which guarantees extreme durability and strength. The premium Turkish towels offer protection from harmful chemicals, thus making them safe for you and the environment. The elongated fibres of Turkish cotton make these towels delightfully absorbent.

These spa -like towels are now available to you, so you no longer have to crave for luxurious relaxation feeling. Don’t miss a chance to transform your bathroom with these high-quality bath linen towels.

Amazon Rating:          4.6

Amazon Price:            $ 46.99

Amazon.com: Chakir Turkish Linens Hotel & Spa Quality, Highly Absorbent 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Towels (4 Pack, Gray): Kitchen & Dining

2.2.Real grand Bazaar Pestemal Turkish Towel

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a bath towel better than your ordinary beach towel with more absorption capacity and versatility? With these Pestemal Turkish towels you no longer have to worry about the size and folding problems when you are travelling. The light weighted versatile towel not only folds nicely but dries wickedly fast which gets softer with each wash.

Surprisingly the robust and lightweight premium beach and bath towel maintains its texture and shape beautifully even after several washings, which makes them worth a try.

Amazon Rating:          4.6

Amazon Price:            $ 15.00

Amazon.com: Realgrandbazaar Pestemal Turkish Towel%100 Cotton – Pre Washed, More Softly 39 x 69 Peshtemal, Beach, Bath, Spa, Hammam, Super Soft Towels (Orange): Kitchen & Dining

2.3.Soft & Absorbent Decorative Turkish Fouta Towel

Give your bathroom a special touch with the decorative Turkish Fouta towels. These comfy hammam towels are ideal as a cloth for beach, sauna or pool and at home they can be used as a bath and shower towel. The towels are woven in an exclusive and beautiful honeycomb style to make them particularly soft and absorbent.

This multi-purpose towel with a linen like feel is definitely a product not to miss.

Amazon Rating:          4.1

Amazon Price:            $ 19.00

Amazon.com: E-Living Store FBA43919 100% Cotton, Soft & Absorbent Decorative Turkish Fouta Towel with Twisted Fringe for Home, Beach, Pool, or Décor, Use As Blanket or Throw, 28×59, Black: Home & Kitchen

2.4. BRIGHTEST Diamond Weave Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

Are you struggling with the quality of bath towel you are using? Have you been looking for a set of lovely bath towels which could last long without compromising the efficiency and absorptivity? Then, these Diamond Weave Turkish bath towels with 100% cotton are for you which offer delightful experience of softness and durability. They hold up and do not fade nor wear off after multiple of uses and even dry superfast. The fantastic towel’s length and width is magnificent.

All you need is to wrap yourself up in this Turkish towel and feel the caress of their fine fibres on your skin.

Amazon Rating:                      4.5

Amazon Price:                         $ 47.90

Amazon.com: Set of 4 – New Season BRIGHTEST Diamond Weave Turkish Cotton Bath Beach Hammam Towel Peshtemal Blanket: Home & Kitchen

2.5.Incredibly Soft, Turkish Luxury Shawl Towel

Designed with elegance and delicacy, these incredibly soft and luxurious towel are composed of finest materials. This Turkish Peshtemal towel is by far the softest among the competitors which also offer ideal price to quality ratio. They are functional yet decorative thus adds value to your wardrobe. 

It is always worth paying for something as elegant and astonishing as these Turkish shawl towels which are extremely soft and organic making them perfect for beach as well as for bathrooms.

Amazon Rating:                      4.7

Amazon Price:                         $ 25.31

Amazon.com: SALBAKOS Incredibly Soft, Turkish Peshtemal Fouta Towel, Eco-Friendly and Oeko-Tex Certified 100% Cotton, Herringbone for Spa Bath Pool Sauna Picnic Throw Blanket (40”x70”, Burgundy): Home & Kitchen

3.    Pima cotton Bath Towels

Pima cotton bath towels are considered as premium bath towels because of the superior blend of cotton. They are relatively lightweight and fluffier than the other kinds, due to the richness and long staple fibres they are composed of. Additionally, they are well known for their strength and absorbency. 

3.1.Pinzon 6 Piece Pima Cotton Bath Towel Set

You’d be blown away by the quality of Pinzon Pima cotton bath towel for being super thick and fluffy. You no longer have to worry about excessive shedding in the laundry because of the premium cotton loops these towels are composed of. This Pima bath towel performs similar to an Egyptian cotton bath towel but with added softness making it a great choice especially when it comes to the level of comfort and luxury this towel brings.

Once you have the towel, you won’t be asking for better.

Amazon Rating:                      4.4

Amazon Price:                         $ 38.50

Amazon.com: Pinzon 6 Piece Pima Cotton Bath Towel Set – Spa Blue: Home & Kitchen

3.2.Set Highly Absorbent Pima Cotton Ultra Soft and Quick Dry Luxury Spa Towels

Specially designed for maximum absorptivity this luxury Pima cotton is considered as king of bath towels which feels as soft as a cloud. What makes them unique and special is their quick drying ability which not only saves energy but also cut the time required to dry the towels short. To make your experience more pleasing and luxurious, the product is accompanied with bonus laundry bag that can be used again and again.

Considering the cost and the quality these towels offer, they are definitely highly recommended.

Amazon Rating:                      4.5

Amazon Price:                        $ 45.99

Amazon.com: Bloom Bath Towels Zero Twist Cotton (27” x 54”) – 600 GSM Premium Bath Towel Set Highly Absorbent Pima Cotton Ultra Soft and Quick Dry Luxury Spa Towels (Snow White, 4 Pack): Kitchen & Dining

3.3.Homestead Textiles Growers Collection 100-Percent Zero-Twist Pima Cotton 3-Piece Bath Towel Set

What could be as comfortable as the soft, velvety, smooth and feathery bath towel after a hot shower in winters? The Homestead Textiles Growers Pima bath towel set does the right job in this context. The fluffy towel comes with brilliant and astonishingly deep colours which are not only pleasing to the eyes but they don’t fade even after multiple of washes. 

Produced with 100% US cotton woven with zero twisted technology gives these premium pima bath towels an extra edge over the competitors.

Amazon Rating:                      4.1

Amazon Price:                         $ 35.56

Amazon.com: Homestead Textiles Growers Collection 100-Percent Zero-Twist Pima Cotton 3-Piece Bath Towel Set, Teal: Home & Kitchen

3.4.Nutrl Home Classic Bath Towel Set – Antimicrobial 100% Supima Cotton

Do you get irritated by the odour your bath towel releases after just one usage? With this Classic Bath Towel, you no longer have to worry about the odour because of the antimicrobial treatment under which this towel is produced. The towel is highly breathable and extremely plush because the air travels more easily between the fibres.

So, wrap yourself every day with the freshness being offered by this Supima cotton bath towel. You’ll fall in love immediately with the feel of texture as soon as you’ll touch the towel.

Amazon Rating:                      4.5

Amazon Price:                         $ 60.00

Amazon.com: Nutrl Home Classic Bath Towel Set – Antimicrobial 100% Supima Cotton (Grey) Premium Luxury Bath, Hand, Washcloth Towels Perfect for Hotels, Travel, Bathrooms, Spa, and Gym: Kitchen & Dining

3.5.Lacoste Legend Towel, 100% Supima Cotton Loops

Lactoste Legend Towel is for those who have superior tastes and likings when it comes to clothing, especially bath towels. It’s worth every penny you spend in good, premium and durable towels and with the price being offered on Amazon, you can’t go wrong. The search for a legendary towel ends here.

So, buy this one now as it has all the qualities and attributes a classic, soft and luxurious bath towel could ever have.

Amazon Rating:                4.6

Amazon Price:                  $ 20.99

Amazon.com: Lacoste Legend Towel, 100% Supima Cotton Loops, 650 GSM, 30″x54″ Bath, White: Home & Kitchen

4.    Bamboo Bath Towels

Bamboo towels may be unheard and unfamiliar for many, but truth is that they are equipped with natural softness paired with eco-friendly touch and bacterial resistant characteristics. The towels are composed of bamboo fibres which are three times more absorbent than cotton, thus making them desirable and luxurious.

4.1.Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

Ariv Premium Bamboo Cotton bath towels are a blend of cotton and bamboo which gives them extra absorptivity and softness. Wrapped neatly and elegantly with a bow, the beautiful bath towels have thick material, yet they are super soft. The towels have perfect weight balance; accordingly, they aren’t light nor heavy. You’ll want to just stay wrapped up all day.

You cannot find towels of this quality for this price anywhere else! You’ll get what you’ll pay for in the best way possible.

Amazon Rating:                4.6

Amazon Price:                  $ 29.99

Amazon.com: Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels – Natural, Ultra Absorbent and Eco-Friendly 30″ X 52″ (Grey) (4 piece set): Kitchen & Dining

4.2.Cariloha 600 GSM Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

This Bamboo Bath towel is for those who crave to be wrapped up in soft bath towels. The extra smoothness is being offered by the infusion of special silicon softener which enhances the comfort level. The Cariloha Bamboo towel, hence, is famous for the softness and plushness. If you have stinky towel issues, then give Cariloha Bamboo Towels a try, you’ll be impressed with the experience.

Even though they are a bit pricey but they are still worth it.

Amazon Rating:                4.6

Amazon Price:                  $ 29.00

Amazon.com: Cariloha 600 GSM Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Bath Towel – Odor Resistant, Highly Absorbent – Includes 1 Towel – 1-Year Limited Quality Warranty – Ocean Mist: Kitchen & Dining

4.3.MOSOBAM 700 GSM Hotel Luxury Bamboo Bath Towel

MOSOBAM Luxury Bamboo Bath Towels are a breakthrough in the towels market as they are among the highest rated and most absorbent towels. The colour choices available are breathtakingly beautiful which adds a great value to décor of bathroom. Specially designed to resist odour, these Hotel Luxury Bamboo cotton bath towels are tested for harmful substances and made in safer and friendly environment.

This could also be a great gift for your family or loved ones. So, go ahead and make this valuable article a part of your life. 

Amazon Rating:                4.7

Amazon Price:                  $ 96.00

Amazon.com: MOSOBAM 700 GSM Hotel Luxury Bamboo-Cotton, Bath Towels 30X58, Seagrass Green, Set of 4, Quick Dry, Soft Spa-Like Turkish Bathroom Sets, Oversized Extra Large Body Sheet Towels, Prime Bulk Clearance: Kitchen & Dining

4.4.JML Bamboo Bath Towels

JML Bamboo Bath Towels are ideal for sensitive skin because of the natural fabric being produced with organic dyes. You won’t have to rub your skin with the towel while drying your body which makes the usage of this premium bath towel a pleasing experience. Due to high concentration of Bamboo fibres the towel is smoother, softer and non-irritating compared to pure cotton towel.

JML towels has odour resident agent which helps the towel to stay fresh. Ultimately this helps the body to stay fresh.

Amazon Rating:                4.3

Amazon Price:                  $ 26.99

Amazon.com: JML Bamboo Bath Towels | 2 Piece Luxury Bath Towel Set for Bathroom(27″x54″), Soft and Absorbent, Odor Resistant Towels (Grey): Kitchen & Dining

4.5.59″ x 27″ Large Bamboo Bath Towel

Have you been looking for a bath towel for a long time with all the great qualities: softness, large size, quick to dry, eco-friendly, absorbent and antibacterial? The Large Bamboo Bath Towel is definitely going to be your new favourite bath towel. It is a unique blend of Bamboo fibre and microfibre, which enhances the quality of bath towel. 

Low price on Amazon for this luxurious towel is icing on the cake, making it a perfect gift for family, friends or busines gift.

Amazon Rating:                3.9

Amazon Price:                  $ 13.59

Amazon.com: 59″ x 27″ Large Bamboo Bath Towel, Microfiber Bath Towel Soft Fast Drying Shower Towel , Super Absorbent & Quick-Dry Bath Shower Towel Washcloths for Gym Home Hotel Office Travel (Gray): Home & Kitchen

5.    Microfiber Bath Towels

Microfiber Bath Towels are famous for their long-lasting time if cared properly. The towels are designed finely from microfibers which makes them extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear. Microfiber towels are light, antibacterial, absorbent, quick-drying and can be folded up easily.

5.1.JML Microfiber Bath Towel

This multipurpose towel is useful both as bath towel as well as fitness towel making it an ideal choice for athletes. Unlike cotton bath towels, these Microfiber bath towels from JML don’t fade neither they get thin after multiple of usages and washes. 

You’ll forget the large curly hair towels being made of cotton, and start using these microfiber towels which are designed for hair. These towels are nice and large, very fluffy waiting for you to give it a try.

Amazon Rating:                4.5

Amazon Price:                  $ 19.99

Amazon.com: JML Microfiber Bath Towel 2 Pack(30″ x 60″), Oversized, Soft, Super Absorbent and Fast Drying, No Fading Multipurpose Use for Sports, Travel, Fitness, Yoga, Grey: Home & Kitchen

5.2.Polyte Microfiber Quick Dry Lint Free Bath Towel

Would you care for some delightful experience of bath towels? Polyte has just created such spa-like towels for you to experience the coziness and super softness like never before. The lint-free attribute of these Microfiber towels is an extraordinary feature especially for those who use contact lenses. 

We all agree that a towel which expresses pleasure when being touched by skin, makes us feel a lot better and these things are rare to have access to. So, if you need such delicacy, then buy these towels.

Amazon Rating:                4.1

Amazon Price:                  $ 27.89

Amazon.com: Polyte Microfiber Quick Dry Lint Free Bath Towel, 57 x 30 in, Set of 4 (Beige): Kitchen & Dining

5.3.OlimpiaFit Microfiber Towels – Quick Dry

You are an athlete enthusiast who is living an active life and want to have a towel which could satisfy your bathing as well as sweaty needs while working out, then get this compact and super soft microfiber towel that dries as quickly as the flash of light. In addition to antibacterial features, these high-performance microfiber towels are equipped with elastic band making it easy to get folded and stored in compact spaces.

The high thread count composed of polyester and polyamide maintains the durability and softness.

Amazon Rating:                4.7

Amazon Price:                  $ 16.90

Amazon.com : OlimpiaFit Microfiber Towels – Quick Dry (3 Size Pack) – Camping, Sports, Beach, Backpacking, Yoga, Gym, Travel Towel w/ Bag – Soft, Compact, Lightweight : Sports & Outdoors

5.4.4Monster 4 Pack Microfiber Bath Towel

This pack of 4 water resistant microfiber bath towel is a treat for family. Each towel has a special colour dedicated to each member of family. The advanced microfiber technology is being embedded in this bath towel which gives it a 5-star hotel feel. The manufacturer has made sure that the production is conducted under sterilized conditions without using any chemical dyes. So, in other words this is all-natural microfiber bath towel.

If you are looking for a pack of towels for home or travelling or yoga etc, then we are happy to recommend you this highly rated microfiber bath towel.

Amazon Rating:                4.7

Amazon Price:                  $ 28.99

Amazon.com: 4Monster 4 Pack Microfiber Bath Towel Camping Towel Swimming Towel Sports Towel with Accessory Bag, Quick Dry & Super Absorbent for Travel Gym, Suitable for Adults Kids Family, 24 X 48 Inch: Home & Kitchen

5.5.Fit-Flip Microfibre Towels In All Sizes

Fit-Flip Towel is an extremely durable and high-quality microfiber towel where you can choose between beautiful colours and sizes. Surprisingly, the towel is a good absorbent, light and compact. Once you dry yourself off with it, the microfibre dries back again quickly. Another important worth noting feature is the robustness and fineness of the fibre sewn. The corners are particularly sewn round to make the towel even more durable.

Once you start using these towels, you will not use a normal towel again and eventually you’ll end up buying a bunch of these for your household.

Amazon Rating:                4.6

Amazon Price:                  $ 18.99

Amazon.com : Fit-Flip Microfiber Towel – Small & Lightweight – Microfiber Travel Towel, Beach Towel, Sport Towel, XL Yoga and Large Gym Towel : Sports & Outdoors

6.    Organic Bath Towels

Organic Bath Towels are skin-friendly composed of organic cotton. They not only feel good on skin but also they are good for environment. The reason behind this is the organic cotton which is planted sustainably, hand-picked and processed in high quality.

6.1.Welhome Hudson 100% Pure Organic Cotton 6 Piece Towel Set

Wouldn’t you want to transform your baths into Spas? With all organic Hudson Towel set, it is now possible to create a spa-like environment in your own home. As suggested by the article name itself, since they are organic towels, no toxic chemicals are used in the production, hence making them ideal for those with sensitivities and allergies.

Because of the high performance these soft and durable bath towels will quickly become your family favourite.

Amazon Rating:                4.6

Amazon Price:                  $ 42.99

Amazon.com: Welhome Hudson 100% Pure Organic Cotton 6 Piece Towel Set | White | Eco Friendly | Plush | Durable & Absorbent | Hotel & Spa Decorative Bathroom Towel | 651 GSM | 2 Bath 2 Hand 2 Wash Towels: Kitchen & Dining


6.2.Soft Organic Premium Cotton Bath Towel Set

After a long and tough day, your body and skin need a luxurious and royal treatment. This soft Organic Premium Cotton Bath Towel does the trick with the softest and most absorbent fibres. What makes it a valuable choice for your next bathing towel is the fact that it gets extraordinarily better with age. 

So, age gracefully with your Prince Organic towel which will keep on surprising you for years in good way.

Amazon Rating:                4.3

Amazon Price:                  $ 34.97

Amazon.com: Soft Organic Premium Cotton Bath Towel Set – Luxury Large Absorbant Bath Towels, GOTS Certified Organic Luxury Cotton – Large Oversize Towel Set for Home, Bath, Shower, Spa – White: Kitchen & Dining

6.3.GLAMBURG 100% OEKOTEX Organic Cotton 4 Pack Bath Towel Set

Have you ever wanted to have a towel that doesn’t feel wet against your skin as you dry off? The struggle for a towel which could solve this issue is now over with the Glamburg organic cotton towel set. The stylish textured eco-friendly bath towel is not only an artistic masterpiece but also a perfect quality to weight balance.

You can now get rid of old classic towels. It’s time for a perfect replacement.

Amazon Rating:                4.4

Amazon Price:                  $ 41.99

Amazon.com: GLAMBURG 100% OEKOTEX Organic Cotton 4 Pack Bath Towel Set, GOTS Certified, Contains 4 Oversized Bath Towels 30×54, Hotel & Spa Quality, Absorbent & Eco-Friendly – Charcoal Grey: Kitchen & Dining

6.4.Amazon Basics GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Bath Towel

If you are looking for a highly rated organic bath towel at low price, then Amazon Basics has provided the best solution for you. The quality of these wash-towels is top notch due to which they are highly recommended not only by our team but also by Amazon sales team. These wash towels will remind you of those in fancy hotels – thick, extremely fluffy and soft.

The towels come in several vibrant and crisp colours which further enhances the significance of these towels.

Amazon Rating:                4.7

Amazon Price:                  $ 41.54

Amazon.com: Amazon Basics GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Bath Towel – 4-Pack, Delicate Fawn: Home & Kitchen

6.5.Flaxbel Linen Flax Organic Bath Towel

Wouldn’t it be great to experience a touch of luxury and comfort from your bath towel instead of rough cotton fabric touching your skin? It’s time to treat yourself with the tenderness of the luxury Flaxbel organic bath towel, which resembles the Turkish bath towels with better natural softness and durability.

Don’t forget to give yourself a chance of luxury regularly. Click the link, ADD TO CART and buy today!

Amazon Rating:                4.5

Amazon Price:                  $ 29.99

Amazon.com: Flaxbel Linen Flax Organic Bath Towel Esmeralda Blue 32″ X 59″ – Soft Quick Drying Luxury Bath Towels – Enjoy at Home, Gym, Spa, Yoga and When Traveling – Large Bath Towels: Home & Kitchen

7.    Linen Bath Towels

Linen Bath Towels are made of pure linen, they are thin and take little space in bathroom. Linen is skin-friendly, very absorbent, durable and has a unique look which differentiates it from the other bathing towels. The fibre is smooth and the fabric contains little air, making it tear-resistant. The fabric becomes stronger when wet because linen has the ability to absorb and lose liquid rapidly.

7.1.American Soft Linen 6-Piece 100% Turkish Genuine Cotton Premium & Luxury Towel Set

Have you ever wondered and looked for the towels being used by most of the colleges, hospitals & clinics? One of those towels are lightweight soft linen sheets which absorbs the moisture quickly. These towels are Vat Dyed which is highly demanded in the market owing to the fact that they offer high quality and usefulness. 

Don’t worry if you are picky about towels you use. This particular product will blow your expectations out of the water.

Amazon Rating:                4.6

Amazon Price:                  $ 39.99

Amazon.com: American Soft Linen 6-Piece 100% Turkish Genuine Cotton Premium & Luxury Towel Set for Bathroom & Kitchen, 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels & 2 Washcloths [Worth $72.95] – Colonial Blue: Kitchen & Dining

7.2.Pure 100% Linen Bath Towel – Stone-Washed 30 x 60 inch Soft Lightweight Travel Towel

Durable, Lightweight and long-lasting are the attributes this natural, anti-static and eco-friendly linen bath towel has promised. The fabric’s resistance to static electric charge and bad smell are worth noticing features which makes this pure linen bath towel a premium choice for your next purchase. 

So, if you want to calm your skin without any fear of harm and want to care for your body, then this high-demanding bath towel is certainly going to make your dream come true.

Amazon Rating:                4.5

Amazon Price:                  $ 32.95

Amazon.com: Pure 100% Linen Bath Towel – Stone-Washed 30 x 60 inch Soft Lightweight Travel Towel – Waffle Weave Quick Dry Beach Towel – Natural Flax Thin Towel for Bathroom Gym or Sauna – Sustainable Bath Sheet: Kitchen & Dining

7.3.Linen and Towel Waffle Bath Towels 2 Pack 28 inch x 55 inch (Glacier Grey)

The Waffle Bath Towel as the name suggests gives a vibrant and luxurious feel which resembles the softness of waffle. These towels aren’t so thick neither so fluffy. There is a perfect balance between the two. The fact that they are more lightweight than a typical towel makes these towels easy to carry anywhere without any storage problem.

So, bring the richness of these textured linen towels at your bathrooms without any hesitation and delay.

Amazon Rating:                4.0

Amazon Price:                  $ 23.09

Amazon.com: Linen and Towel Waffle Bath Towels 2 Pack 28 inch x 55 inch (Glacier Grey) Ultra Absorbent, Fast Drying, Soft 100% Organic Cotton, Lightweight, Premium Luxury Bath Sheet Towels – for Hotels, Travel: Kitchen & Dining

7.4.100% Pure Flax Linen Bath Towel

A towel which fits perfect for any virtual setting, whether it is beach, spa, sauna or bathroom. Yes, that’s correct! This pure Flax Linen Bath Towel is jack of all trades. What else do you want from a bath towel? The fabric is manufactured in such a manner that linen quickly absorbs water from skin on first contact, so there is no need of rubbing repeatedly. 

The colour combinations are elegant which will enhance the décor of your bathroom by providing a luxurious look.

Amazon Rating:                4.5

Amazon Price:                  $ 21.99

Amazon.com: 100% Pure Flax Linen Bath Towel 25″x 52″: Home & Kitchen

7.5.BLESS LINEN Jacquard Striped Pure Linen Bath Towel

This highly rated and recommended Pure Linen Bath Towel surpasses the other choices because of how professionally and perfectly this has been manufactured. The towel dries quickly, absorbs well and doesn’t get a bad smell like typical towels do especially in summer. And most importantly, it is affordable.

You need to put all your previous towels away and replace them all with this Striped Pure Linen Bath Towel.

Amazon Rating:                4.8

Amazon Price:                  $ 32.99

Amazon.com: BLESS LINEN Jacquard Striped Pure Linen Bath Towel, 30 x 58 Inches, Grey/White: Kitchen & Dining

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How to fold Bath Towels?

To fold the towels so that they are stored in a closet or any place in such a way that they take up as little space as possible is not a complex operation. First step is to spread the towel on a plain surface, either on a bed or a shelf. Wash and dry the towel appropriately, followed by folding the longer side towards the centre and then do the same on the other side. Make sure that the two folds match each other perfectly.

Now, hold the shorter side and bend back towards the centre and do the same on the opposite side. Split the towel further in half and eliminate any wrinkle if produced during the process. Once done with all the sides, place them in drawers or on the shelf.

How to make Bath Towels odour-free?

 Normally, Bath Towels expel false odour if the wet or damp towels are stored inside the drawer without letting them to dry. As a result of this, the moisture gets retained in them which ultimately releases unpleasant smell.

It is possible to avoid this smell. All you need to do is to completely dry the towels before folding them up and placing in the drawer. Let them dry in the air, especially when it’s sunny outside.

If the smell is still there, it is necessary to wash the towels again in the washing machine. Now add a softener tray, a little vinegar or linen smell to make sure the bad odour is no longer there.

 How to soften Bath Towels?

Before going for the answer, one must know the reason which potentially make the towels rough and dry. It is observed that one such reason is the frequent washes and ironing of the towels.

Now, what you need to do to avoid such situation is add fine salt, wine vinegar and baking soda in a basin. Add some hot water in the same. The quantities of salt and baking soda should be 50 g and two kitchen’s spoons for a coloured towel respectively. Now, soak the towels in the mixture and leave them there for at least 4 hours. After this, let them dry perfectly before folding them.

The residues will be eliminated by the acidic action of wine vinegar. Whereas, the towels will be cleaned by the action of backing soda.

Where to put Bathing Towels in the bathroom?

You can store your towels on a towel rack if available, usually placed at the side of the sink. If the towel rack is not present, then the towels should be folded or rolled up perfectly and placed inside a cabinet or a basket. However, if the bathroom cabinets are also absent, buy some hooks from market and fix them to the wall or at the door through screws and hang the towels properly with the hooks.

How to wash the Bathing Towels?

It is recommended to read and follow the instructions regarding the washing of towels on the labels of the towels provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, appropriate and less aggressive detergent should be used and the garments should be separated according to colour avoiding mixing them all. Wash the garments with one colour separately and do the same with the other colours.

In order to add softness while washing the towels, as recommended earlier, use wine vinegar in such a way that once every 2-3 washes add vinegar to give extra softness and natural feel.

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